Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three more Dickens Quizzes!

I promise my next post will be something besides quizzes - but these next three are such fun - i just had to share! If you take any of the quizzes, do tell the results!

Who is Your Perfect Dickensian Hero?

Eugene Wrayburn is something of an antihero in Our Mutual Friend. Lazy and sarcastic in nearly every element of his life, he finds his first true passion in his love for Lizzie Hexam. But their class division makes it difficult for Eugene to be honorable and marry her. In the end, he renounces his family and his wealth so he can be with the girl he loves.

Which Dickensian Heroine Are You?

Amy Dorrit was born in debtor's prison, and she has spent her entire life trying to make enough money to support her family and get them out of jail. Childlike and dutiful, she soon develops feelings for her benefactor, Arthur Clennam. Clennam soon realizes the impact Little Dorrit has had on her life, and her selfless reactions to those around her. He finds he can't live without her, and when her father dies, he feels he is finally able to marry and and support her.

Which Dickensian Villian Are You?

Madame Defarge is the wife of a wine-shop owner, known for her ability to knit fantastic designs. What many do not know is that Madame is knitting the names of her enemies into her cloth. When she and her husband stir up the French peasants, chaos and anarchy ensues, with Madame at the front of the pack in control of the guillotine. Madame encounters a servant of the Manette family who she tries to kill, but she is instead murdered herself

(Okay - the villians one is a little weird. lol. What book is Madame Defarge from? A Tale of Two Cities?)



Nibs said...

Yay, more takers!
On the hero one, I've gotten both Nicholas Nickleby and David Copperfield. <3 Apparently I'm most like Agnes Wickfield as the heroine and Uriah Heep as the villain! 0_o

Rebecca said...

I got Bella from OMF (hmm...) And Arthur Clenam from Little Dorrit. I tried taking the villain quiz...but couldn't! :) haha

Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

So I got John Harmon... I guess that sorta fits.
And got Estella Havisham from Great Expectations. Hmm.
I haven't taken the villain quiz yet either..... :)

Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

haha, so I am Madame Defarge too!!! Yikes, not the villain I would wan to be... yes, she is from Tale of Two Cities and is quite the lady.

Scullery Maid said...

I'm Madame Defarge too! Yet none of the things I wrote are true.


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