Friday, January 22, 2010

Two More Quizzes

Okay - it was pretty fun seeing who everyone was on the Bleak House quiz! So - I'm going to share a couple more quizzes we had fun with last night:

Which Classic Heronine Are You?
Which Classic Hero Are You?   (a fun one for brothers to take!)

For the Heroine I got Elizabeth Bennet. (That doesn't seem to fit. Never was too fond of Lizzy.)
For the Hero I got...Mr. Darcy?!? HUH?

My brothers got Marcellus Gallio (C.) and Hamlet (L).

very interesting. Let me know what result you get!



Celine said...

wow! I guess I'm Emma Woodhouse.... I don't think I'm like her, but who knows?
thanks for sharing the links!

Rebecca said...

I got Maid Marian...I'm fine with that! :)


Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

So I was in a hurry and took it really quick and got Emma Woodhouse... hmm, not sure what I think if that. Though I would be fine with a Mr Knightley but have never thought I was like Emma (and I never thought she deserved him either :).
And I got Mr Darcy also. We must be alike in that area :-D

This is kinda funny!

Atlanta said...

haha - it's fun seeing everyone's results! Lydia- that's funny that we both got Mr. Darcy!

Nibs said...

One of these I've posted on my blog, and the other one I took the other day. :) For Heroine, I'm Jane Eyre, and for Hero I'm Frodo Baggins, lol! Don't know how that happened!


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