Sunday, April 11, 2010

Historical Fashion Inspiration Links

As a historical costumer, good pictures of original garments are invaluable sources of inspiration. Recently I've been enjoying the online collection  of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have a handy search feature that allows you to look for keywords. For instance - I searched 'dress' and I get 200+ pages of original garments and paintings all usually with names, dates, orignal owner, country of origin and type of material. Very nice. Enjoy! I hope you find some costume inspiration.

Here are a few goodies I was drooling over tonight.....

Isn't this silk fabric adorable?

Robes a la Polonaise. I love the skirt drapes!

Dior 1957 black silk evening dress

Such complicated yet delicate trim!

Do leave a comment if you know of other websites that are good sources for historical costume research!


Sereina said...

Ooh! I love the black evening dress!

Nina said...

WOW....such BEAUTIFUL dresses!
I usually like to look at this site for ideas/info:

It has TONS of images divided by decade, and even a glossary!

Amy said...

Atlanta - this is an excellent resource. THANK YOU for sharing! I got some more little-tiny-girl dress ideas. :)


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