Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Dress Inspiration

I've gotten really tired of seeing scads of grossly immodest summer formal and sun dresses being put forward as 'the thing' lately, so I decided to go on a quest to see if I could find some actual lovelies. I like what I found - beautiful designs and detailing. Most of these dresses are beyond my budget - but they provide some nice inspiration for future sewing projects none the less.

I love the top mesh yoke. Such a great alternative the the worn out strapless look. I've always loved white trimmed with silver. Reminds me of Regency ball gowns.

Wow. Talk about some summery inspiration. I love every bit of this dress - the scalloped ruffles, the dainty rosettes, the front tie, and the softly gathered chiffon. Lovely. The only thing I would change is the length. Wouldn't it be gorgeous with a tea-length skirt? I woul totally wear this with a big vintage 1910's garden party hat!

One of my favorite colors of all time. There are certain colors that corelate well to each person's complexion, and if you discover your colors - they can really  make your face and skin 'glow'. This is one of my colors. I LOVE to wear salmon pink. What a cute little collar on this dress! I think it would look really good with either cap sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves as well. Add some dainty white sandals - and wow.

I know. This one is almost the same. But - I had to include it because I just loved the self-fabric belt, box pleats, and boat neckline. I've come to love boat necks from my 1860's 'little girl' dresses. They are comfy and airy for summer without being immodest. Perfect.

I've heard that nautical stripes are very 'in' this season - and this piece does very well using the striped fabric in interesting directions  - bias on the skirt, vertical on the waistband, and horizontal on the bodice. You wouldn't think it - but it's actually pretty slimming.

The length of this dress is too short - but it might be pretty to layer over another soft longer skirt. I like the vertical ruffle detail. This woud only work on a soft, sheer fabric like the silk fabric in the one pictured.

Um - is this a sheath dress? That's what is says - but....I thought they were different. Well - anyways. What ever it may be, I love it. Color, style, belt, lace hem. Coldwater Creek always has such elegant dresses.

Another Coldwater Creek button-front. As you already know, I do love linen.

More of my favorite colors and elements. Does this remind anyone else of the print dress from 'Emma'?

Sorry this isnt' the greatest picture, but you know the one. :^)

I love the soft colors and long skirt. So classic - yet the unexpected funky pattern makes it nicely modern too.

Sorry for the rather long list of finds! I could have gone on for pages more, but....I'm off to the creek :^)


Sereina said...

Those are all so pretty! But I really like the orange print voile summer dress best!

Fiddlin Girl said...

Ooh, how fun!!! I have to say that the linen dresses are my favs!! They look so country and comfortable while still being really feminine!

Happy b-day to Cim!

Love, Sarah


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