Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creation Science

I wanted to share with you about some of my favorite 'movies' ever. It's a set of creation science discussions - so full of interesting, enlightening information that I've watched them 4-5 times and am not bored yet. :^) If you are confused about the stark difference between evolution teachings and Bible teachings - I think you will be blessed by these videos.

Topics include thhe truth about 'missing links', how dinosaurs and the ice age fit into the Bible, the worldwide flood, the age of the earth, lies in school textbooks, ancient man and life before the flood,  and so much more. Absolutely intriguing. I highly recommend.


Kellie said...

I was so excited to see this post!
My family and I have grown up watching these videos - my siblings and I could quote Kent Hovind for hours=)

I highly encourage readers to support Creation Science Evanglism. However, all of Dr. Hovind's materials are not copyrighted, and he encourages everyone to copy and distribute his messages to spread the blessed hope of the Creator. If for some reason you are not able to order from CSE, my brother has created a website to help spread the word about Dr. Hovind's ministry, as well as his present condition. Many of Hovind's seminars, debates, and college courses are available there.

God bless!

Sassy Gal said...

GREAT!!! Thank you I'm wondering, would this be interesting to an 8 year old? What is the age level of these videos? I LOVE these resources...thanks so much!

Atlanta said...

Thank you for sharing, Kellie!

Ashley - my youngest siblings (age 9 and 7) watch these videos for hours on end. Definately good for all ages. Dr. Hovind keeps things interesting for kids with lots of humor thrown in - we usually are grinning the whole time. lol.

Emily said...

My dad is writing a book about this topic! I'll see if he's heard of this video.


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