Thursday, January 13, 2011


lovely pictures from my pinterest page.

the 'new look' after WWII

Admont Abbey Library, Austria
(or the Beast's Library from Beauty and the Beast?!)

Vintage luggage

Log cabin chic

fairytale dress with vintage flair 

sources/links for the pictures can be found on the pinterest page.


Rowenna said...

Great pics! I especially love the Dior the vintage luggage. Those two together just say "classy travels" to me...which sounds like a great escape right now!

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed viewing these pictures. The photo of the log cabin is my favorite. I wish that I could have a room with this type of decor in my home, but I don't think my husband would go for it. :)

-Lady Rose

Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

Atlanta. You are so terrible. You have made me drool....
I want those trunks. I want that chandelier. I want that lovely little white stool. I want the library (or at least to visit it....). I want to live in the vintage era.
But I must be content with pictures. Thanks to you I have them :D

Atlanta said...

Lydia - Yes, I am terrible.

I totally want the library. So. amazing.

Miss you!

Courtney G. said...

I love the log cabin! and the "New Look"! You have such great taste! I'm quite jealous. Where do you find all these treasures?

Renate said...

Where can you get a library like that? Ebay? Fabulous. And I love Beauty and the Beast! My fav Disney movie.

Hayden said...

Gorgeous library!!

Atlanta said...

Courtney - thank you!

these pictures came from my pinterest page:

On there, it lists the actual source/links for each picture. :^)


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