Friday, January 21, 2011

Miniature Antique Style Beds

Recently I mentioned the opening of the Etsy shop BonnyBlue2. Since then there has been some outrageously cute things going on here. The doll-sized metal hospital bed was adorable enough, but now there are two different Vintage and Victorian styles now available!

They guys in our family are so talented at working with metal!

They have done amazingly well for a brand-new Etsy shop! Four beds sold already!
I've been having way too much fun helping with the photoshoots and the bedding.

Put BonnyBlue2 on your favorites because there are more designs coming soon!
(Including an 18" doll size bed!)


Lilac Bud Gal said...

Wow, they are doing a great job!! What kind of metal do they use?? That is totally amazing.. Thanks for sharing!

Talk soon!

PrincessR said...

Too cute! Did you make the little blanket in the picture? And the books? I hope your business does well. :)
Love you guys!

The Kautts said...


I wanted to ask you a question:

Where do you find all the dresses that fix-up and wear? I am curious, because I like costumes and have made a medieval costume before. You can see photos here:!.JPG.

~J. Kautt

The Kautts said...

I saw you live in TX. What town? I live north of Dallas.

Also, I was looking through your old posts and saw something you had posted about Creation science DVDs. My family has a small Creation ministry. We are hoping/planning to have a Creation conference this August or September. To stay posted about the conference, you can go to our website:

J. Kautt

Atlanta said...

Sarah and Rebecca -

thanks! :^) Miss yall!
The beds are steel, and yes I make the bedspread, but not the books. :^)

J Kautt -

we live in the Texas panhandle.

Do you mean the vintage dresses? I find them at estate sales mostly - but sometimes at thrift stores.

i like your green medieval dress! Very pretty!


Miss Linda said...

These little beds are absolutely adorable! Thank you for posting about them.

By the way, I reside in Texas too (in the north Dallas area).

Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Anna Olivia said...

How adorable!

The Kautts said...


Oh, so you live quite a ways from where I live!

Yes, I was talking about the vintage dresses. You certainly have a good eye for finding such clothing! :) I shop at thrift stores a lot, but haven't even found costumes or vintage clothing. I'll keep looking though!

Thank you for the compliment regarding my medieval dress. My Mom and I made it in about 5 days. :) It was SO much fun to make!

~J. Kautt

Uncle Joe and Aunt Karen said...

Those beds are amazing

~Rebecca~ said...

My mom and i love your blog!


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