Monday, January 10, 2011

Ness of Scotland

A rather epic fashion discovery today: Ness (of Scotland).

The neatest women's fashion and accessories shop out of Edinbourgh.
If I ever make it over to Scotland - this looks like my kind of store to visit.

I do love tartan - and this shop has a very unique take!

My favorite item in the entire store. Notice the cute thistle print satin lining! I think this is going on my sewing list for sure...

Possibly my 2nd favorite item. :^)


How do you like tartan/plaid in general?
What do you think about the modern tartans from Ness?
(I love them both!)


-Bess- said...

Thanks for posting these - they're so sweet! I've actually been to Scotland & its capital. I know I haven't been in the shop shown, but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing some Ness products somewhere when I was there. That flower & button stamped "Ness" reminded me of a colorful, flower-adorned tartan bag & accessories I saw over in a shop in the highlands. Oh, I love Scotland - it's my favorite place - thanks again for showing these & bringing back travel memories!

Anna Olivia said...

Thank you so much for posting! This is so my kind of thing. ;) I would love to order some of their stuff... hmmmm. I have a deep hearted affinity for anything British. The pink/girly colors are so whimsical!

KatySue Pillsbury said...

*Sigh* Like I needed another reason to visit Scotland! Gorgeous clothes! I want most everything in the store!=)

Renate said...

These look fantastic! So colourful and Scottish. I love tartans as well. Can't you order their stuff online?

Another reason for a visit to Scotland. I want one of those coats.

Natasha Marie said...

Apparently I'm not the only one who wants to visit Scotland someday;)
I absolutely adore plaid, and I love the vest, the beret and those darling wedge shoes:)
Thanks for sharing this delightful shop!

Joanna said...

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of super bright colors and plaids, but I think they do a nice job. Great find.

Sereina said...

My, all their items are so beautiful! I love all the plaid!

Kellie said...

How darling, Atlanta!

Thanks for sharing. Having a deep-rooted passion for all things Scottish, which includes tartans, wool, and fair isle patterns, I'm quite wild over this company's designs!

You know, I think we just need to have a big homeschool girls' trip across the pond someday. . . It's been my lifelong dream to visit Scotland, and I can't believe how many others out there feel the same! I'll put Ness on my list of places to visit for sure:)

Miss Linda said...

What a charming little store and a beautifl

I am Irish, so to me tartan will always be associated with clan affiliations. I had to smile a bit at the pastel tartan marketed by this store. I cannot imagine a group of Irish warriors going to battle displaying those colors! :)

Atlanta said...

Bess - you lucky duck! How amazing to have actually been to Scotland!

I'm of (at least partial - perhaps whole) Scottish heritage myself, from a couple of centuries back anyway. lol. So - of course I would love to see the place someday!

Kellie - I think that is a perfect idea! it would be great fun to go on a Scottish adventure with all you lovely blog-land girls!

Miss Linda - your comment made me laugh! Yes, that is true, these 'modern' tartans certainly wouldn't look very manly on the warriors of old. tee hee.

Hana - Marmota said...

I'm not sure I like the abundance of pinks - I'm not a poarticularly pink girl myself. But the overall idea is very pleasing to the eye!


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