Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lady of Shallot DVD and Prayer Request

Pauline Loven, whom you may remember as the costumier of the 'Lady of Shallot' production, and from the interview she gave for this blog during the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival last year. She has an American friend, Stephanie who is currently dealing with several sudden medical accidents/difficulties in her family. To help out, they will be giving her family 50% of each of the Lady of Shalott DVD sales for the next five weeks to help her meet unexpected medical bills. They would very much appreciate your support and prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Atlanta - Stephanie did so much for us in promoting our Lady of Shalott film project and the subsequent DVD (all for no reward) that doing this for her is just a way of saying thank you.
Helping us to get the message out into the community will really help us to help Stephanie and her family. Many, many thanks


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