Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ness Autumn 2011 is here!

The long anticipated Ness Fall collection is here! So many new favorites......

~ Tamsin ~

I'm just going to start off with my absolute #1 new Ness favorite - the 'Tamsin' puffy vest. How it looks like the just the perfect thing to snuggle into when going outdoors on a crisp Fall day! So pretty and bright too. I have to admit that quilted vests like this one are my favorite item to wear in cool weather - (even indoors!)

~ Patience ~

This dress, though in a cheerful, flowery print which would be perfect for summer - is in autumnal colors, which will carry it over perfectly into colder weather - I can see it paired with a snug jacket, a pair of plum purple tights and brown leather mary-janes!

~ Almira ~

I have to say this lovely little lightweight knit top puts me in mind of charming ensembles I've seen from 40s fashion magazines, paired with pencil skirts and heels!

~ Beth ~  
Honestly, could you choose between these two delightful tartan colors? I just can't - but I think the oversized bow is simply adorable.

~ Callie ~

Sometimes I think the folks at Ness must know my favorite colors - here they are all over the fall collection! A lovely coral pink and and deep aqua blue. Or, as they call them "Carmine" and "Biscay Bay".

~ Dotty ~ 

Fitted jackets are just wonderful things to have in a wardrobe during cold weather, and as usual the Ness tartan colors just make a good thing better!


What do you think of  Ness Autumn 2011? Which are your favorites?


Abby said...

Cute! I love that dress.

Rachel said...

Wish I could afford them!!! So pretty!!!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

They are absolutely adorable! I really like them. I never would have thought that so many things in plaid/tartan could be so pretty!! :)

Brooke said...

Patience is simply wonderful!!! Almira is really nice also!
And I think dotty has to be my favorite. :) I'm all about fitted jackets! :D

Michaela said...

Same here, Rachel! I just love Ness, but they are *so* expensive. o.O I just love their products.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Those are my two favorite colors to pair together! If only they were cheaper! =)


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