Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Must Watch Video - "180"

I know many of you have probably already heard of or seen the "180" mini documentary. I've been hearing about it for weeks - but never had bothered to actually look into it. Well, today I watched it.

 It is horrifying and terrible, and (in some of the endings) wonderful. I'm SO glad I watched it, and I think you should too. I'd love to hear what you think after watching in the comments section!


Rozy Lass said...

Oh my! That should be shown in every high school in America. I was in tears most of the time. Thank you for sharing. I am so thankful I was raised to follow Jesus Christ, to know right from wrong, and to understand what was taught in the video. Too many have been deceived by the Pro-choice movement to believe you can change the consequences of actions. I believe a couple has a choice - the choice not to have sex if they are not ready to accept the consequences of their actions. Once they choose to have sexual relations their choice is made and they must then accept the resulting pregnancy. I'm so glad a case was made for adoption as an alternative to abortion. The gift of a baby to a childless couple is unsurpassed. It is the most selfless thing a girl can do when faced with an unintended pregnancy. Thank you again for sharing this. I hope it reaches many.

Rebecca Ann said...

I was shocked as well by this video and encouraged! I feel after having watched it that america is definately not teaching clearly the true history of our nation or the world for that matter. That is evident in the video. I also feel its a shame that Jesus Christ is also unheard of by many and it has challenged me to share the Good News as much as possible with others in my sphere.
God bless Atlanta!

Vicki said...

Wow. That's pretty much all I can say. That was amazing, and I'm glad that I took the time to watch it. Now I'm gonna go share it on Facebook.(;

Thanks SO much for posting this! I hope that people watch this and rethink some of their opinions.


Didymus said...

I was legitamitly crying at the end of this video. I good friend of mine showed it to me and, oh my word! I think every American should watch this video.

Miriam said...

Wow. I had heard about the Holocaust and read about it in school, but I never realized how bad it was. I almost cried through quite a few parts. I think everyone needs to see this video. Abortion is so wrong and this video shows it in a new light!
I really do not know how anyone would abort a baby after seeing this video.

Thank you so much for sharing.

In Christ,

Lilac Bud Gal said...

This was definitely an amazing video. I absolutely loved/hated it.. Loved it because it was such an eye opener, but also showed that people can change! And hated it because it just is so sad to listen to people's opinion about abortion. Thanks for sharing this on your blog. I need to post it on mine, too! :)

OnceuponaTime said...

This is really sad and shows the reality of the need to tell others about Christ. Unfortunately, the bible for tells that the things are going to continue to get worse until the end of time. I just pray that nothing like a the holocaust will ever happen again!

AuntLou said...

They're doing good work. This strengthens my resolve to never knowingly vote for someone who supports abortion. Thank God there is forgiveness through Jesus Christ. And no, shooting Hitler or his mother, though tempting from a human standpoint, would still have been murder.

Krafty Girl said...

WOW!!! I am glad I took the time to watch this video. It is unreal that so many people did not even know who Hitler was. It is a scary thing, how much Abortion and Hitler are linked.

Thanks for sharing.

Kellie said...

Intensely grieved - freshly resolved.
The hope I derive from this documentary is in the quote by Hitler himself: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future."

We must and can show the youth of today what it means to have the hope of a future already won by Jesus Christ.

Paris said...

Powerful video! I'm glad you watched it and shared it on your blog!

Anonymous said...

The video is very powerful and I can see what he had in mind, but he's not very considerate about the circumstances someone might be in if they need an abortion. My friend was raped by a relative and became pregnant at 15. She chose to get an abortion because she couldn't deal with the thought of the baby being hers or it being given away. To compare a 15 year old girl like her to an Nazi? Is that necessary?

Atlanta said...

The point is, American's concsiences have been numbed when it comes to abortions. His point in using Nazis killing Jews as examples were because almost everyone agress that what the Nazis did was evil and wrong, no matter what the circumstance, but strantely enough people will says its okay to murder a baby under certain circumstances. NO. We need to stop selfishly excusing the murder of innocent babies - no matter what the circumstances. Rape and incest are horrible things, and it is dreadful that anyone has to go through that - but no matter how the pregnancy was caused, the baby is not at fault, so why should it be killed? One more wrong will not fix the former wrong. God can still turn the baby's life into blessing and goodness through adoption, etc. Just as He can turn our guilt and wickedness into purity and faith, if we will stop making excuses, repent and trust in Him. Not knowing all the reasons bad things happen in this fallen world, but knowing that we have to do the right thing no matter what.


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