Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Vintage Hat Shop


A lovely Etsy shop specializing in affordable, wearable vintage hats from 1900-1980. I invite you to go explore the shop, there are some real gems - perfect for wearing with the vintage outfits we all love so much!

I have to admit that it is partly the fault of seeing all these great vintage uniques, that I have visions of 30s, 40s, and 50s dresses running through my head again.....:)

Shop owner, Cindy, is very friendly and helpful! I suspect if you have any vintage hat dilemmas, she would be able to help!

Cindy gives some insight into her life and hat business:

"Although I live on a Michigan centennial farm near Lake Michigan, I have been in contact with hat lovers all over the world. I have sold over 500 hats to folks in 22 different countries. (yes, I keep a list!). My hats have been worn at vintage weddings, Ladies Day at Astor, professional photography shoots, historical reenactments and by all sorts of fashion conscious ladies."

"Two hats are dear to my heart. The first is my mother’s wedding hat. A simple open weave pillbox from World War II Era. That one is a treasure to me and I love to have it sitting next to the wedding picture. Thanks, Mom. The other hat that I love is the very first one that I purchased. Many years ago I saw the brown velvet 1910s Pamela with a poof of downy feathers. Somehow I knew I had to own that hat! Both of the favored hats are tucked away in a special hat box."

"When I first started selling on Etsy I knew that I wanted to zero in on just one area. Hats just seemed the perfect fit for me. No two are alike, and hat collectors and hat lovers just seem to be interesting people! I have had wonderful interaction with both hat buyers and hat sellers. The people that are interested in hats seem to be stylish and classy."

"And then there is the thrill of the hunt. I love finding unique and unusual hats. It is always fun to return to familiar haunts and to constantly be seeking out new sources. My hat collector customers are always looking for special hats to match vintage outfits. I couldn’t ask for a job that is more perfect for me!"

1960s Lime Green Pillbox                   1940s Forward Tilt
     1960s Pink Fascinator                     1960s Green Bowler Hat

These are just a sampling of the great hats in The Vintage Hat Shop! Head on over and take a look for yourself! I've got my eye on several jaunty 40s styles. They would be the finishing touch to a new swing dress I am planning!

Look for the Vintage Hat Shop button on my blog sidebar for a direct link to the Etsy store.

Now, happy shopping! I'd love to hear which hats are your favorites, and the outfits you envision to create around them!


Nuranar said...

I love this shop! I don't think I've ever bought anything from her (yet) (or maybe - I'm not sure), but I watch a lot of them. She has a good variety of decades, particularly for people like me who tired of wading through dozens of 50s and 60s hats for one or two 40s hats, and her prices are quite reasonable. I like!

Rowenna said...

Ideas for my Christmas list--I've been good! Thanks for the tip, Atlanta!

Lisa said...

Oh, the eyecandy! And just in time for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!


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