Monday, May 21, 2012

Giveaway from eShakti!

What fun! A delightful giveaway offer from eShakti to my blog readers! Enter to win a custom-styled and sized dress (or other item) from the eShakti website!

Their new spring and summer lines are absolutely delicious. I've posted a few of my favorite items here - but I am anxious to hear what your favorites are! 

~ Rules ~

To enter you must: 

1. Make a visit to the eShakti website - choose what item you would pick if you were the winner, then leave a comment and tell me about it! (the comment will enter you in the giveaway random number drawing, you only need to leave one comment)

2. And, go and follow eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest. (this is mandatory for entries. when you make your comment, please also let me know that you have done this.)

The giveaway will end on May 31st. The winner will be chosen via the comments section of this post by random number generator, to be announced on June 1st.

(Good luck in choosing only one favorite item, it's hard!)

Thank you, eShakti, for choosing my blog to host this giveaway!


Rachel Nicole said...

My favorite (there were SO many favorites!!) is the Banded waist poplin dress. I need dresses so bad! I only have one. :P

I can't like them on FB or Pinterest, because i'm not allowed to have a FB and, of course, a pinterest. :( Could I please still enter?

xoxo, Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

Chip said...

Atlanta! Thanks for hosting. Boy is that hard to choose. I think I would go with the lady in red dress. I liked eShakti on Pinterest and Facebook!

Mary Beth said...

Wow! What a great giveaway!! I have so many eShakti favorites, I really couldn't choose one. I'll have to enlist the help of my family in choosing one of these if I win... the Forest Eyelet shirtdress (I do think I would most likely choose this one...), Lady in Red dress, Peach Oxford chambray dress, Whole Lotta Love dress, Ruby ruche blouse, Sea green Embroidered drawstring front top, White Floral eyelet dress, Navy Tux front poplin dress, Admiral Blue Pleated cotton poplin dress, Rosette trim dress, Butterfly oxford chambray shirtdress...oh my goodness, I'd better stop there. ;)

Mary Beth said...

I liked eShakti on Facebook!

Mary Beth said...

I follw eShakti on Pinterest!

Be Thou My Vision said...

I think I'd purchase this:


Lauren said...

My favorite item from them is their chambray dress with pleats in pink:) So pretty! I liked them on Facebook and followed them on Pinterest!

Be Thou My Vision said...

Now following eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest. FYI, both of those accounts are "shared" with my sister (Abby), hince the reason why they are under Abby Kautt.


Paula said...

Liked on facebook and will follow on pinterest as soon as I get an account.
One of my many favourites is the Surplice shirtdress - such a classic for the office.

Emily said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I would choose the rosette trim dress. :)

(I followed them on pinterest)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the giveaway!
My favorite dress is the lovely yellow and white dot dress.
I follow both the Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Grace Thérèse Aquinas said...

I love the Butterfly oxford chambray shirtdress and the Collared yellow dress!

I follow eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest.

Megan said...

I would either choose the Button Front Skirt or the Truly a Wrap top.

I followed eShakti on pinterest.

Hannah L. said...

Thank you SO much for hosting this giveaway! I am so excited! If I won, I would probably get the Pleated Chambray dress! It is SO, SO, SO beautiful and feminine!

Also, I liked eShakti on facebook, but I do not have a pinterest, so I could not do that.

Thanks again! :) ~Hannah L.

Kristin said...

So many lovely dresses! I think my favorite is probably the yellow or green Pleat Waist Poplin dress.

I followed them on Pinterest, but I don't have a Facebook.

sewtechnicolor (at) yahoo (dot) com

Penny Coutas said...

I love the butterfly kisses frock. And yes I follow on FB and pinterest

Sarah said...

ooh! I love this one:
I follow them on Pinterest, but I don't have a FB account...hope that doesn't disqualify me. :P

Laura said...

Wow, so many beautiful dresses! I had never been on their site before. Everything was so beautiful! After much waffling I think I would probably settle on the Embroidered dot print sundress.

It is such a pretty color and I love the orange accent color.

Laura said...

Oh, and I followed them on Facebook and Pinterest

Rebekah said...

Oh how fun!
After looking and trying to decide which one was my favorite, I decided to like 2. Just because they are both cute.

The Pretty peplum dress and Retro poplin shirtdress.

Thank you for the giveaway!


Rebekah said...

I liked them on FaceBook

Abigail said...

I like the "Be a Sweetheart" dress ( a lot, but there's so many other dresses that I LOVE!!!!

I liked them on Facebook, but I don't have a pinterest account.

Taylor Christine said...

I like the Retro Poplin Shirtdress ( the best, although for the record I did have a terrible time deciding between all the adorable dresses. :)

I follow them on Pinterest, but I can't like them on Facebook since I don't have a Facebook account! My username on pinterest is missdaisy7.

samantha.tedesco said...

Thank you!!!
I love this:
FB: Samantha Tedesco
pinterest: sammina

Patrizia said...

Ok, visited the eShakti website. I love: the Digitalis retro frock, the Florilegium dress, the Rosette trimmed blooms dress, and the Pleated chambray dress. Too hard to just pick one!

I follow eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest.

SMiles said...

I would pick the Embellished poplin shirtdress! So pretty! Love the chevron trim on the bodice. I followed eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest!

Rebekah Markewich said...

I like I also like them on FB and follow on Pinterest.

anna olivia said...

I like the rosette trim dress

anna olivia said...

I follow eShakti on facebook

anna olivia said...

also follow on pinterest

Brooke said...

Oh how fun! :D
My favorite would probably have to be the Surplice shirt dress. Its looks very versital and I'm sure I'd be able to wear it quite alot. :)

I'm following eshakti on Facebook and Pinterest. :)

Sereina said...

I'm loving the Pleated cotton poplin dress in either navy or green.

I already follow on Facebook and Pinterest.

Rebekah said...

I liked them on Pinterest!

OldFashionGirl said...

What a lovely thing!

I would love to wear this adorable canary yellow dress, with the sweet lace collar. It is so springy and you don't see such a nice shade every day.
I liked on facebook. Pinterest is not accepting new accounts, and has not for months. I tried several months ago to get an account. Once they open up again, I will like Eshaki.


Riah said...

Followed on both and my favorite dress is the embroidered dot print sundress. I adore that dress. I hope to get it for my post - wedding photos dress!

Keckie83 said...

I love the Strapless denim chambray maxi dress
I follow on both Facebook and Pinterest.

Gina M Maddox said...

I love the ruffle cascade dress-

I follow on both Facebook and Pinterest--CRAVE TO SAVE

Thanks for the chance to win!
gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

SterlingBlue said...

I was actually thinking of placing a first time order with eShakti and this was one of the hits that came up while searching for reviews! What fun :)

I think I'd pick the floral pleat waist dress in teal. I just followed eShakti on Facebook, and I don't have a pinterest account, so I can't add them on Ppinterest.

AM said...

I finally chose the Pleated Chambray Dress in the Peach color. It was hard. I like so many of them!

Liked them on facebook and follow them on pinterest already.

kynaroyal (at) yahoo (dot)com

Lindsey Gain said...

I LOVE the bow tie dress!
I follow on Pinterest and FB.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy cool! It took me a while to choose, but I picked the cotton "Rosette Trim dress" in the peachy color. I also am following eShakti on Pinterest.

Stacey said...

Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I love eShakti's clothes, but can rarely afford to buy them. (In fact, the only item I've purchased was with the $20 coupon you offered a while back, so thank you very much for that!)

It is so hard to choose, but I would probably buy the Tulle LBD dress (so elegant!) or the green Banded Waist Poplin Dress. Or maybe the pink Budding Blooms Dress! So many great choices! :-)

~ Stacey

Stacey said...

Oh, and I followed eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest!

~ Stacey

McKennaRosen said...

Ok...just realized that I can't win the contest under the alias of "Anonymous" can I? So, may I "officially" enter now (remove the comment above by "anonymous"). I chose the cotton "Rosette Trim dress" in yellow (not peach) I am still following eShakti on Pinterest :)

Gabriela Salvador said...

hmm...I would pick Her Fifties Sundress in peacock blue!

Dalaney & Hannah said...

I would pick the Bowtie dress or hummingbird dress.
I followed them and liked them on both. (Hannah Shirley Mecham)

April G said...

I would choose the Lace silhouette retro frock. I also like eShakti on FB and on pinterest (pinterest name is irishmarmalade). :)

SterlingBlue said...

And this is StelingBlue. I realized that I never left a contact method with my entry! Please delete my entry above and my actual entry appears here.

I pick the floral pleat waist dress in teal. I just followed eShakti on Facebook, and I don't have a pinterest account, so I can't add them on Pinterest.

Bluehour95 (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Real Taylor said...

Oh gosh I love the Fifties Sundress! It's such a cute silhouette!

I'm following them on FB and pinterest.

REBEQUITA ROSE (XL Fashion Blogger) said...

It was soooooo hrad making a choice, but I finally made up my mind and went for this one:

I have liked eShakti on facebook since ages ago and just joined Pintrest today and straight away started "following" them there!!

I've always wanted to try their clothes but have been to chicken to!!


Kate- said...

Oooh. Any from the Bells and Whistles section!
And... done and done.

Anash said...

im loving: Pleated chambray dress
STYLE # CL0023679
Thanks for a super giveaway!
My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Anash said...

I follow them on Pintrest as "anash"
Thanks kindly!
email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Unknown said...

Hi Atlanta - I hope it's not too late to enter!! I'd pick the Pleated Waist Poplin dress in Jade Green. I love the little sleeves and tucked skirt! And so many of these dresses have POCKETS!! :-D
I have "liked" eShakti on Facebook and "followed" on Pinterest!

Kayla :-)

Nina said...

Ooh, wish I hadn't missed this one - these were some beautiful dresses!


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