Monday, February 2, 2015

The Beginning of a New Blog

I am back at long last to say...this is my last post here. The reason it has been so quiet in this space for many months, is I have been in the process of creating a new blog that Jordan and I can share - all about our day to day life and homestead projects. It is named after our log home and homestead - Winshaw.

 I will be posting there about my sewing projects and historical clothing, along with my new adventures being a wife and mother. Jordan's many interests and projects will also find space there as we continue to finish out our house and farm! (p.s. - Story of a Seamstress will not be deleted - you may reference the posts here at any time. :) 

We are super excited to have a space where we can write together, and have all sorts of plans for things we want to do in the next few months preparing for our new baby, spring planting, and house improvements!

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed along with my sewing & life adventures in this space! Please come join us at our new location!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

'Remembering WWII' Reenactment

What a wonderful time we had at the Remembering WWII event! The whole day was great.
Here we are first thing in the morning, all dressed up in our 40's duds. My three oldest siblings got to be here for the event as they were visiting during that time - so it was double fun!

Jordan's grandfather was on a submarine in the Pacific during the war, so even though this isn't his actual uniform, he put the correct insignia on it like his grandfather had. I thought he looked very dashing!
It was really neat to see him all dressed up in uniform, as we have wartime picture of his grandfather in dress blues, and they look so much alike!

I wore my favorite old green rayon dress I made for our 40s dance, back in 2011.

Even went all out and ordered some back-seamed nylons. (these are from Nordstrom) while I don't think they are exactly period correct, they were better than the usual.

Aspen looked stunning with an up-do and polka dots.

The battles were quite impressive. They both started with the Germans occupying the town, then the Americans and British taking over. All the military vehicles were very impressive! The battles ended with a couple of American soldiers cutting down the huge German flag hanging up on the courthouse and replacing it with the stars and stripes!

Marian's little dress I made from a 1944 pattern. It has little rounded shoulder yokes, puffed sleeves, and decorative tucks in the back. It turned out really cute, and I think it was pretty comfortable for her. Sadly we forgot her white bonnet at home that day.

 The whole town really looked like it had stepped back into the 1940s! The streets were full of military vehicles, vintage cars, soldiers, boys selling war-time newspapers, and ladies with their prettiest hats.
There was a recruiting station, a 'canteen' that had delicious root beer floats, a stage where we got to hear several veterans speak, and lots of period songs. There was even a live big band during lunch time! What a treat! The military camps were a lot of fun to see too, and very educational.

I just *had* to see what a big smooch would do to Jordan's cheek when I had red lipstick on. teehee.
 I made him wear it for a while before I wiped it off.

Marian tried hard to be such a good girl all day - 
she wore herself out though and fell asleep on Dad's arm.

The German motorcycles became quite popular with the girls.

I guess I had to wipe lipstick off Jordan several times that day...rather unhandy. lol.
 Glad I don't have to mess with that all the time. :)

That night was a USO themed evening party. It was great! We got to hear the Boyer Sisters sing, which was amazing. They have a great sound!! Visiting and watching the show was a great way to wind down the day.

I sure hope this event turns into an annual thing!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Peach Silk Regency Apron Front Dress

A Regency dress commission I was working on most of the summer for a client in Australia. Not that the dress should have taken all summer - but I worked on it here and there in bits and pieces, and there was *lots* of handwork, so things went slowly. It was so nice to finally get it all put together!

The pattern is the wonderful Regency apron-front style that I love so much. The fabric is a gorgeous semi sheer silk and cotton blend made by J Crew, shimmery peach in color with a teeny cream colored pinstripe. The fabric was a dream, so ethereal.

Edges of neck and sleeves have a bit of lace edging.

Very small fitted back bodice, and super full gathered skirt.

 Dress shown worn with a simple V-neck chemisette.

An elegant train in back. (This dress also has detachable long sleeves, not shown)

Just before finishing the dress I had also made this really fun orange/gold silk Regency weskit. I loved the way it coordinated with the peach dress! (this was not part of the dress order, just a little something I got inspired to make) Instead of my usual lacing in front, I went with covered buttons this time - and I really adore the look. I want to do more in this style in different colors for the shop.

The weskit shown and two style of regency chemisettes are currently available in my Etsy shop, which by-the-by has a new name. My old shop that was named 'Bonny Blue Historical Clothing', is now simply 'Atlanta Goodwin'.


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