Sunday, September 25, 2011

Inside My Wardrobe....

My vintage armoir, where I store many of my costumes/vintage/historical clothing - is currently full of Regency dresses. 17 adult dresses are completed for the JASNA booth...and make quite a colorful collection!

Need to make....
Just. Three. More.
 (to complete my goal of twenty!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recent Projects

Even in the midst of Jane Austen sewing craziness, I've squeezed in a few custom orders.

The first, which was actually also a Jane Austen request, was a simple but lovely blue linen Regency dress.  

Destined to swirl at an English Country Dance, I was told!

I've been getting quite a lot of requests for 18th century style children's costumes lately, which are of course a lot of fun!

These were for 2 sisters having a themed birthday party! Their mother designed the gowns herself, and sent me a sketch from which to pattern the dresses.

Sis didn't want to give up the pink one!


This dress, was in the style of the blue taffeta 'Felicity' dress, which can be seen in the shop, but in a historical reproduction cotton print. Accented with vintage cream lace.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sewing Week Report

Last week was an unusually busy week of sewing. Rebecca came to stay for our belated annual 'sewing week' and we were determined to be the two most productive seamstresses in the history of historical sewing.

 Our goal was sewing items for the Jane Austen convention. So, with the aid of several movies, chocolate-chip cookie dough brownies, and the delightfully cool weather,

Our combined accomplishments were:

5 dresses
2 weskits
3 bodiced petticoats
2 ruffled caps
2 aprons
1 morning robe

for a total of 15 items in 4 1/2 days!

(of which we are not unreasonably proud....)

Sadly we didn't really take any pictures during the course of the week. We were rather- busy. Later we have planned a mammoth photo shoot. 

 But to suffice for now are a few sketches and one sneak peak of a red and gold ball gown.....

Hope everyone is doing wonderfully! I'm counting down the days to the Jane Austen convention, looking forward to being done with this crazy huge sewing project!


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