Monday, April 7, 2014

Pale Green Linen Regency Dress

 A new Regency dress is listed in the shop. (finally!!) I've been working on this one since last fall. Not because it was all that time consuming, but because I've only gotten to work on it in bits and pieces, and kept having to put it away for other projects or trips. It's a wonder I didn't loose some of the pieces over all this time!

Anyways. Pale green linen in an 'apron front' or 'bib front' style. I love working with pure linen.
 It drapes and flows so nicely.

The pattern is from one found in Janet Arnold's 'Patterns of Fashion'

At the last minute I also constructed an apron to accompany it in brown linen. I most enjoy making 'everyday' Regency clothes - or actually historical clothes in general. It seems like a lot of what you see available is all geared towards representing the rich and fashionable, but I prefer to make clothing items that 'normal' people would have worn. The upper classes are often far over-represented in reenactment/sewing world.

Very small back bodice with higher waistline than the front. Makes a very elegant silhouette with the back skirt train. Because I was on-the-go a lot of the time while working on this, much of it is hand-sewn, all the exposed seams, and many of the inside ones as well.

More pictures and details at the shop listing for dress and apron.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our First Year

This past Sunday was our one-year anniversary. Its hard to believe it's already been a year since our wedding. What an eventful and blessed 12 months!! For a small glimpse into what this past year was like, I uploaded a selection of snapshots taken from our phones. This is by no means a complete overview, but include quite a few pictures I haven't been able to include in blog posts before. (note - quite conspicuously missing are many pictures of house progress - this is because I am saving those for a post of their own!)

 Moving into our new house

Learning how to cook for two instead of eight...
 Working on the house
Finding swimming holes

 Going hunting for edible mushrooms

 One of our favorite hobbies has become driving around exploring teeny little backroads to ooh and aah over any old houses we can find. Especially log ones.

 150th Gettysburg reenactment

Driving back from Gettysburg along the Blue Ridge Parkway

 Blackberry time!
 On the river for my birthday in July

Sunset on the ridge + picking Queen Anne's Lace

Jordan's anvil

 Jordan making beds for our shop

 Blueberry time
A rainbow promise

Visit from my two youngest siblings
 Texas sunset

Morning sickness is yuck, but a hammock and a book make it better.
 More house progress.

 Sketching the creek

Getting back to sewing
 The drive up to our house

 My rescued pet baby squirrel - now returned to the wild.

 A bit of a bump!

Jordan found this antique farm table in the dump and fixed it up for our kitchen

 Homemade donuts

 Our first glimpse at Marian!

 Cream of mushroom soup from wild picked 'shrooms. Jordan had me get the recipe from his Mom, and even though I'm not the biggest fan of mushrooms, it wasn't bad. :)

My kitchen by lamplight

 Frosty mornings - the cookstove begins to feel good

 Doing laundry

Antiquing (another favorite hobby....)

Our little cookstove just wasn't putting out enough heat for the whole house, so Jordan rigged up this nifty barrel stove - so warm and toasty!!

 Chinking the upstairs

 And for a bit of reality - my messy kitchen.
 It doesn't always look like this, but pretty often it does. : /

 Surprise visit from my family - Carolina makes a cute old-fashioned picture

 Fairies live in our woods. I know because I see their house doors.

 Fall colors

 Working on sewing orders

Thanksgiving. Pie supper at our friends house

Headed to Texas for the holidays

 Jordan loaded up the bed business and took it on the road with us

 Jordan helping work cows

 I got the fun jobs - making a gingerbread village with the kiddos,

Sewing for baby,

 and scrapbooking the wedding.

 Back in Tennessee - a snowfall

Marian getting ready to arrive...

Marian here!

 Exploring the world with Dad

What an amazing year. I wonder what the next will bring...


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