Monday, December 16, 2013

More Pictures of the Young Victoria Violet Dress

Enjoy some newly posted pictures from the photographer's blog when my Young Victoria silk reproduction dress was at Blenheim Palace last year! The lovely model is Claire, my client who started me making the violet silk dress.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Maternity Dress Refashion

I've always wanted to delve deeper into the world of thrift-shop-finds-refashioning, but never had much time to do so. I did manage to squeeze in one small refashion earlier this fall.
Apparently being pregnant comes with a few challenges - one of those being you rather suddenly can't find anything to wear. Either it doesn't fit period or its very uncomfortable.
Sooo....I bought a terribly comfortable pink t-shirt dress with just the right sort of empire waist to accommodate the bump. The problem was it was a bit low in the neck, so had to be layered, and it would be more comfortable if the skirt was a bit longer, because all my slips peeped out a bit.
So, one afternoon (right before a big town trip) I was inspired to cut up another dress, a knit pink print maxi dress sent to me by Mom, that was very long, floor length on me. So it easily spared a good amount of skirt which I used to make a neckline insert and a hem panel on the solid pink dress.
Turned out very comfortable and swingy. Ideally I would love to have a closet full of simple, comfortable dresses. It would be so much nicer than having to match separates all the time.


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