Monday, February 18, 2013

My 'Young Victoria' Dress on Display at Blenheim Palace

Remember the Young Victoria violet silk dress replica I made last fall?

Something wonderfully exciting has happened. The lovely lady who ordered the dress, Claire, was able to obtain permission from Blenhiem Palace in Oxfordshire, UK, to do a photo shoot in the dress, in the rooms and grounds of the palace.

Blenhiem Palace was used by Queen Victoria, and can also be seen in the movie 'The Young Victoria'.

However, in return for the photo shoot, the palace asked to borrow the dress for their
 'Lights, Camera, Action' Display February 9th - April 1st, 2013.

So, currently the dress is on display at Blenhiem! (I'm rather still in a state of unbelief.)

 My friend Rebecca and her mother (on a fabulous European trip right now) were able to go by and see it, and take these pictures for me!

Soon I hope to be able to show you the pictures from Claire's actual photo shoot. They are beyond gorgeous. Right now the photographer tells me some other blogs have asked for exclusive rights to the pictures, but should hopefully get permission to post them after that. :)

Wedding Dress is Finished!

After countless hours (months?) of hand-sewing, fitting, planning, researching, and lots of love and dreams - my wedding dress is officially finished !
As of Feb. 13th.

I was scared to death all along that I would get it finished, but wouldn't be happy with it (but wouldn't have time to change it) But I was wrong. I couldn't be more thrilled with the way the fit and look turned out! I'm so glad I made the decision to change design mid-project on the sleeves and skirt construction.
I love it now so much.
(it's also quite comfortable, which is a huge plus!)

So awfully excited!

Hoping to do the first photos in it next week, then I'm going to pack it away safely with all the wedding day accessories to await March 30th...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our Log House is Going Up!

A long overdue post about the process of building our log house! I am so very proud of all the work Jordan has been doing over the last year, preparing us a home. Things are really starting to come together now, and its getting more exciting than ever!

Here is a various collection of pictures from the last year, showing the building process!

Cutting down trees big enough and straight enough for house logs...

Dragging them down to the sawmill.

Figuring out what cuts to make....

Sawing the logs...

Besides the house logs themselves, there's alot of other smaller lumber that comes from the outside wood, much of which will also be used on the house.
Picture from last September - all the house logs finished and stacked!

Starting construction in January, after returning from Texas - getting ready for concrete!

Pouring the footers...

On top of the footers, go the piers...

All ready to go!

Oak 'sill logs' stack on the piers, and make up the bottom frame work.
 Notches are cut into these for the floor joists.

Dovetailed together...

Floor joists in place!

First round of wall logs are stacked!

Even more walls!

Aren't they beautiful?

Getting tall...

Really starting to look like a house now!
 I was almost jumping up and down when I saw this picture!

The logs to fill in between window and door spaces can be put in after the roof goes on, as they are held up by framing and don't actually hold any of the other structure together.

So far so good! Jordan has started on the second story now, I can't wait to see the next batch of pictures! (and even better, to see, and move into, the real thing in 2 months! so excited!)


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