Friday, September 28, 2012

'The Young Victoria' Violet Silk Dress Replica

I'm so pleased to share with you a most delightful dress project that I've been working on for the past several weeks.

The Violet Silk dress from the film 'The Young Victoria'

A lovely British lady contacted me this summer about making her a replica of the movie dress to wear to some balls and events this fall. At first I was hesitant about taking on a custom order when I should be working on wedding stuff, but as soon as I heard *what* the request was, I couldn't resist. :) I've only seen the movie once, but that one in particular was one of my favorite dresses.

Since the dress is pre-crinoline era, 1840s, it won't be worn with a hoop.

The gorgeous fabric is a shot silk with turqoise blue and hot pink threads interwoven, creating such a lovely, shimmery shade of violet. From Rennaissance Fabrics. Looking at the movie pictures closely, I think that dress may be silk satin. However, I like the taffeta much better.

Satin ribbon lacing the back from The Ribbon Jar.

English netting lace decorating the sleeves from Lace Heaven.

The bodice is fitted and boned, and finished off with piping.
 The skirt is quite full and pleated to a separate band.


The pleated bertha was causing me to worry just a tad before I began it. What shape did one start out with for the pleated sections?? Doing a little internet research I came up with a wonderful (and historically documented) answer already proved by a very talented seamstress - see the tutorial here. So, even though it was time consuming, it wasn't nearly as brain-wearying as I anticipated. :) The piped tabs took alot of handwork, but they proved excellent place for attaching the bertha to the bodice.

If you look close at the original movie pictures,
there seem to actually be two colors of silk used for the 'pleats'.

The flowers aren't exactly like the orginial either, but I think they are close enough to provide a wonderful similarity, and a great contrast with the silk.

I also made the matching hairpiece. It was so much fun - just a simple wired band with the wire bases of the flowers arranged and attached, and a comb stitched on. I now must confess to have a secret envy of milliners - I think that must be quite a nice job - lots of decorating fun, and not near as much worry about fitting! :) I'd love to do some of these floral headpieces for 1860s ballgowns....

Now I have to say goodbye to this dress -
 it's getting packed up tomorrow and on it's way across the ocean!

I really want one.


Emily said...

Wow. That is INCREDIBLE!

Sarah Jane said...

Oh my GOODNESS! What a beautiful gown and oh-so-close to the original from the movie. You have done a marvelous job and I like your version better. Would that I were the joyous recipient of such a gown! This is one of my favorite dresses from The Young Victoria as well. Fantastic.

Rose Tousignant said...

Wow! It looks so lovely! Why don't we dress like that now a days?

Kristin said...

So pretty! I love The Young Victoria...such a sweet movie.


eva´s kleidertruhe said...

Wow!! Beautiful!!!

Marian said...

This is just stunning!! Great job!

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh my stars and stockings, this is brilliant! So lovely and so like the original! I think that may be my favorite dress in the film too... well, I can never decide between that one and the gold-and-rose ball gown. Simply gorgeous!

Colleen Elizabeth said...

This is breathtaking! I adored the costuming in this film, and I think you did such a beautiful job on replicating Victoria's dress. One could fairly dream in such a gown. Thanks for sharing :)

Tiana said...

Wow! That is so pretty!

Purity Leigh said...

That's a pretty impressive dress! I hope to be able to make something like that one of these days, but for right now I think I'll stick to the basics! I love the hairpiece that you made to go with it. Simple and elegant!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Ooh!!! I want one, too!!! ;) That is just lovely, Atlanta!!! :) You are constantly amazing me with your seamstress skills. :)

Rachel (Cynthia) Heffington said...

Wow! Gorgeous work Atlanta! I love the costumes in that movie...have studied the costume gallery and the interviews with the designers... *sigh*

Eize en Annemieke said...

This is amazing! Wow.

Donna said...

Beautiful!!!! I hope she sends you pictures of her in the dress! Workmanship looks PERFECT!!!


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