Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Together Again!

Sorry for the silence on the blog of late! But I have a good reason
 - Jordan is here!

We've been apart for more than 3 months, with me in Texas and him in Tennessee getting ready to build our house. Having finished sawing the house out, he came for a week long visit and ended up staying and working a temporary job very close by! (more on that in a future post...)
So for now I am getting to see my finace every day!!

So, I'm still here, and haven't abanonded the blog.
 Just taking some much needed time to catch up after a long separation!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Colorado Wilderness Trip

Two weeks ago, our family went on a week-long camping trip in southern Colorado. I'd never been to the state before, but the guys in our family have been several years in a row elk hunting, and this was our chance to accompany them.
So, I'd like to share a few pictues from our adventure, with a bit of commentary here and there. :)
Even though pine forests (or spruce) aren't my favorite, parts were very majestic.

We camped in this meadow, rather far back in a 'wilderness' area, right on the edge of the country were no more wheeled vehicles are allowed.

The tiny, cold bubbling creek that provided water for us and our horses for the week.

Our camp.

Inside my tent. (this was at the first of the week, before things got messy!)

Little sis pretending to be asleep in her cot.

The first full day, Cim & Laredo took me up a nearby mountain on a very steep hike.
Our goal - to see the Great Divide.

Notice how steep the ground is behind us!

At last. The top!

Look across at the Divide.
Aspens turning yellow.
Hiking to an even higher point. I have to admit, just then I was very tempted to start singing
"the hills are alive....."
Everything was so beautiful.

Mom, Carolina, and I all did a fair amount of sketching and painting during the week.
It was nice to have so much free time to do just that!

Taking drawing materials out on a hike.

Painting a moss-covered 'fairy' stump.

Painting a forest scene.

Attempting to recreate the look of the creek.

The chipmunks! These adorable little creatures kept us amused all week. By the end of it, they were even brave and curious enough to venture into camp to explore our gear, and even enter our tents for a look around!
Setting off to explore a little.

This is our 'fairy house'. Having found a stump with two tiny 'doors' in the base, we decided to make it welcoming for fairies, cleaned it out, transplanted bunches of moss and ferns all around, and created pathways and porches.

Tiny mushrooms grow by the doorway leading to a room lined with pine needles.

Look at the intricacy and texture of a few square inches of forest floor. Look at it - and deny if you dare the existence of a loving Creator who took care to array even the smallest bit of his work in beauty and abundant life.

A porch side entrance, shaded by a huge mushroom-thingy.

Cooking over the fire, and in a dutch oven.

Mom stirs up some beautiful, fluffy biscuits.

We all enjoyed being in beautiful mountains for a whole week, soaked up lots of sunshine and made lots of memories.


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