Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Pictures

Pictures of the 17th Century outfits made for the Thanksgiving get-together!
I started with the 1610 jacket pattern from Norah Waugh's The Cut of Women's Clothes, and used it as a base for all the bodices. The linen smocks are just the basic square construction with a slightly different neckline, and ties at throat and wrists.

Aspen - white linen ruffled smock (chemise) with a gored jacket and skirt from a length of green wool that had been in my stash for some time. Trimmed with grey/blue bias tape and metal buttons.

Carolina - linen cap, brown wool vest, linen stripe skirt and blue linen apron

Me - linen smock, 1860s corset (hey - it worked! :^), black wool jacket, and blue wool skirt stolen from an 1860s dress - trimmed with black braid.

The family! The guys wore their white 1860s shirts with vest or their Medieval leather tunics.

Mom - linen smock, brown linen jacket with metal buttons, and lavendar wool skirt from an 1860s dress.

The littlest brother!

The get-together was so much fun! We got to meet lots of new friends, and had a grand time. :^)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Must-read Blog post for Girls

An excellent blog post about relationships, love, and expectations, written for girls of all ages -

I highly recomend you take the time to read this article through - very worthy thoughts.
Lessons some of us need to learn, are learning, or have learned. Either way Candle's observations are a very good reminder for all us unmarried ladies! :^)

Come back and let me know what you think!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Photos from today...

A random assortment of photos from my life today...

Fall leaves looked very pretty against the blue sky this morning.

First deer of the season! - my 'little' brother Laredo brought home a nice 8-point mule deer buck earlier this evening.

Savory dill scones. Recipe to come soon!

Sneak peek at one of the 17th costumes. (they are all completed as of this evening!!)

Hope everyone is looking forward to a lovely Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Recent Projects - Fairytale Dress and Girl's White Regency

I'm still working hard on the family's 17th C. oufits. Look for pictures sometime next week. :^) Hopefully...

Until then, here are a couple of recent projects for Etsy clients:

A white cotton voile regency drawstring dress. This was for a 12-year old girl - I think it will be lovely for her special event. White dresses are always so elegant and simple. And I love doing this regency pattern - its just plain fun.

This next project I just finished yesterday. It was definately a little more complicated - quite a challenge!

A 'Tangled' Rapunzel dress in an adult size! How much fun is that?

The skirt is actually attached to a spagetti strap under bodice. The over bodice with the pink sleeves laces up the front with pink ribbon through hand-worked pink thread eyelets.

Frying pan and chameleon were not included with the costume.

Two layer skirt!

The skirt trim came from - some lovely floral organza-backed ebroidery stuff decorated with pearly seed-beads. Cute!!

Neckline, waist, sleeves, and skirt all trimmed with lace.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend fun...

This last weekend my brothers and I drove up to Oklahoma for our first HSA (Homeschool Alumni) get-together. It was so much fun! A big thank you to the Naylor family for hosting it!

The girls!

The guys!

Activities included a photo scavenger hunt in the historic town of Guthrie, morning devotions, bowling, dancing, jamming, and playing all manner of humorous and crazy games such as 'Four on a Couch', 'Hostage', 'The Broom Game' and 'Dutch Blitz'.

It was such fun making so many new friends! Lots of memories!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

1860s Reproduction Fabric Sale

 A lovely blog reader emailed me this morning and told me about a half-price sale Common Threads quilt shop was having! Check out the 'Civil War Tribute' section to see the great pirces on the historical reproduction fabrics!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I've been up to....

This is what my room looked like this afternoon. My fabric area had grown intolerably messy - I just couldn't stand it any longer so I pulled everything out and put it back in. Nicer. and neater. My whole room needs a more thourough reorganizing, but that will have to wait until I have more time.

I also have several ongoing sewing projects. A white regency dress and an adult Rapunzel dress, both for Etsy clients.

Then I have a rather interesting costume challenge I'm trying to get done for the family.....

17th century outfits.
Yes, yes. I know. For months I've been saying my next new time period would be 18th century or 1830s.....but unforseen circumstances dictated that it must be 17th century. Specifically the years 1600-1620. English or Dutch inspired. Can anyone guess what the costumes might be??

My costume was the 'experiment one', and it is happily almost complete! Pictures will be forthcoming.

Now I just have 7 more costumes to go.....

*note - the dress pictured is not the look I am going for. It is just for laughs. :^)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

San Antonio Trip Part 3


On Saturday morning we were looking forward to seeing 'The Runner from Ravenshead' as several people had been raving about how good it was. I wasn't sure what to expect - and I was very surprised. It was seriously the cutest movie I have ever seen! All the many roles are played by five siblings - and they are all so professional and serious little actors - they do a fantastic job. The storyline is a beautifully done allegory - very deep and thought provoking. The sets and location are amazing as well. We bought the DVD before leaving the festival - and plan to give more out as gifts. I highly recommend this film!! (click here to see the trailer)

On Saturday afternoon Ashely and Gabrielle from Bramblewood Fashion met up with us to explore a 3-story antique shop! It had many, many vintage clothing pieces - we had fun trying on some hats!

A vintage blow-dryer in mint condition!

Slippers and luggage.....

Mirror picture!

The boys both found WWII uniforms to buy for their airsoft wars. Cim bough an American Army Aircore, and Laredo bought a German sergent.

More walking downtown...

The meeting of the Sense and Sensibility forum ladies.
(we all wore green ribbons to recognize each other!)

All dresses up and on our way to the Award Ceremonies

Ashley and Gabrielle looked lovely in their formals!
Against the excellent advice given about the vintage pink dress, I decided to play it safe and wear the dress I  made for my graduation in 05. It's just a simple silk duponi with dropped waist and a fluffy organza petticoat. The black lace bolero I made at the last minute to cover my sad 'farmer tan'. :^)

We ended up staying for church the next morning, and then going out to eat with some new friends. It was fun - but it ended up being a really late night when we got back home!

It was a wonderful experience - and I'm looking forward to attending the SAICFF Academy and Festival next time! They are having half prices off admission for about one more week, if anyone is inerested!


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