Monday, July 30, 2012

Of French Bakeries and Antique Shops

It was my birthday a few weeks ago. And, you must know that Mom and I have been talking about and attempting to plan an official 'Mother-Daughter Antiquing Trip' for my birthday since I was 12. So, this year (since I'll be in Tennessee next year) we just decided to DO IT. :)

And, since we waited so long, I actually had a specific purpose in looking for furnishings for my future home! I brought along my inventory list, and added many useful and lovely items...

We got up quite early that day and drove to Amarillo - to visit the historic 6th Street, which we had heard rumored to be full of lovely antique stores. And it was. But we got there a little too early, and they were closed. So - having spied an intriguing looking French bakery a few blocks away, we stopped in for a quick brunch.

We each shared a spinach croissant and a cream-puff. Scrumptious!
There were so many lovely little pastries and things, I wish we could have tried them all...

Before we left town we went back to buy some of the delicious looking fresh baked bread.

By the time we returned to 6th street, the antique shops were open! The first one we went to was housed in a lovely old mansion painted in fanciful colors and held many treasures....
(several of which came home with us...)

I didn't count how many shops we went to, but by the afternoon it felt as if we were out to prove that one could actually 'shop till you drop'! Tiring, but so much fun! :)

A whimsical fabric shop.
Could have spent hours just browsing their special-order fabric sample book  section!

In the window of one little shop...a special piece caught my eye. (and called my name) This antique, but fully restored icebox is now on my backporch, awaiting the move to Tennessee next year where it will be happily installed in my log-house kitchen. Isn't it grand?

It took me a while to decide on such a big purchase! I actually went  home without it that day, and after thinking about it, talking to Jordan, and praying finally made the decision several days later and called back to reserve it. My brothers kindly helped me go pick it up last week. I'm so excited to try it out!

The trip also yielded lots of other (smaller) booty for the future house....

Lots more enamelware!

Yes. I do love antique crocks.
 (well - they are very handy! :)

A slightly used Papmpered Chef baking dish, and a vintage muffin pan!

Two wood framed mirrors, very heavy and in excellent condition.
I'm going to alter the paintjob on both eventually.

Two antique lots more little stuff! :)

 Mom and I ended the day by eating a relaxing supper at Olive Garden, and then ended up walking across the parking lot to an adjoining Michael's craft store.....where I regret to say we got lost in the scrapbooking paper section for several hours. *ahem*....but we finally tore ourselves away and made the drive home, getting home quite late and exhausted.

It was an amazing birthday, one I will never forget! Thanks, Mom!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing Dorothy Jane

Jane Austen, journaling, art, scrapbooking supplies, literary adventures and vintage beauty - all in one place? (What could be better?)


...a delightful shop full of whimsy and literature. I positively cannot get over how much I adore the style of the items - just the right mixture of shabby chic and romantic elegance. 

I had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Dorothy about what goes on 'behind the scenes' in this delightful space on Etsy... 

- How did you get started with your crafting/artwork/shop?

"I have been making things for a very long time. I was a theatre major in college and loved making period costumes. I think some of my millinery work with flowers led me to love anything pink and pretty. I made band boxes and ribbon rose pins many years ago for craft shows. I also made collages from paper and ephemera but switched to digital when I discovered Photoshop."
- What is your favorite Jane Austen book? (and why?)

"Picking my favorite Jane Austen book is hard. I first read Pride and Prejudice when I was 15, and then did not read Sense and Sensibility until I was in my 20's. For years, S&S was my favorite, but I think Emma is now my favorite. It has the most diverse characters and true lessons about how humans should treat one another. I love how Emma has to learn humility."

- What inspires the items in your shop?

"I am inspired by beautiful things. I love anything historical and old. I collect 19th century fashion plates and use many of them in my work. The colors are subtle since they are hand painted and I love the detail in the pretty ladies' faces."

- What are your favorite hobbies?

"I am a reader. I also write a little and have had some stories published. I do a little bit of everything ... knitting, gardening, baking. Right now, my Etsy shop is taking all of my free time, but I love it!"

Lovely little tags!
 Mm. I have to say that my favorite items in the shop are always the journals....
Art journals - all you'd need for an instant gorgeous memory/scrapbook 
would be a few good photos, and a few handwritten notes....
I can just see several of these being a perfect way to keep memories of reenactments and dances!

You can click through to the Dorothy Jane shop from the button on the right sidebar, or through any of the pictures and links in this post. I would love to know what your favorite items are!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Further Tennessee Adventures

While in Tennessee we got o meet up with our good friends, the Roberts. They were traveling back home to Texas after vacationing in Virginia.

We met up at an adorable little shop called 'Dimples', where we had supper and then drove out to see our future house site.

You know Rebecca as my dear friend from Sewing in the Past.
She is also going to be my bridesmaid next spring!

A young couple who are friends of Jordan's recently became engaged, and are to be married this fall. While I was visiting, they were having a 3-day house raising. Jordan and his brother went over to help out, and Sarah (my dear future sister-in-law) and I tagged along to see the excitement.

While we were there we got offered a ride in a 1955 convertible! It was so much fun!

Crazy hair and lots of tangles to brush out - but the ride was worth it! :)

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I returned from Tennessee.
Summer goes past so quickly!

Friday, July 20, 2012

eShakti Coupon Code for my Readers

Hey everyone!

eShakti has offered a specially created coupon code for my blog  readers to use....

enter the code


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Valid till 31st July, 2012.
This code can be used in addition to the existing 'up to 40% OFF Sale'

I just recently ordered this dress for my sister -

 she's planning to go to a 40's themed party, and really liked the style of it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Homeplace (Tennessee Trip)

During my trip to Tennesee in June, we had several things planned to do. One of these we were most excited about was visiting 'The Homeplace'. Located at the Land Between the Lakes, it is a replica of a working 1850s farm. Many original structures, and without anything modern in view! There are volunteers on site every day doing the normal tasks of the 19th-century inhabitants - gardening, quilting, cooking, plowing, tending the animals, etc.
(read the link above to find out more about the site)

The houses are also fully furnished, and you can wonder through the entire site at your leisure. I thought this was just the best - not like being in some sort of stiff museum display, but instead you could really get the feel of a mid-century home.

It was just like a painting as we approached.

Enjoying the sitting room. (and of course both Jordan and I went in costume...)

I loved the pie safes and the woodstove in the kitchen!

Two volunteers at work in the kitchen.

Herbs grown on site were hanging up to dry in the kitchen, filling the air with a wonderful aroma!

It was so interesting to be able to poke around and even open up the cabinets to see what was inside! I felt a little like I had gone back in time and was snooping around in someone else's house! lol.
 It was fun, though.

Clothes hanging on pegs in the upstairs bedroom.

Feather mattresses and hand-sewn quilts were hanging out on the porch railings to air.

A view unspoiled by modern structures.

In one of the barns/workshops we encountered a friendly fellow who did much of the woodworking and blacksmithing for the place. When we came up he was sharpening a few saws.

They had chickens, pigs, a horse and mule, and oxen who all live on site.
Even the animal breeds are types chosen because they are period correct. Very neat!

This was my very favorite spot. Next to the smaller house was the most charming little fenced in herb and flower garden. I'd like to have one just like it someday!

We had a magnificent time, and gleaned much inspiration for our future log home!


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