Monday, July 23, 2012

Further Tennessee Adventures

While in Tennessee we got o meet up with our good friends, the Roberts. They were traveling back home to Texas after vacationing in Virginia.

We met up at an adorable little shop called 'Dimples', where we had supper and then drove out to see our future house site.

You know Rebecca as my dear friend from Sewing in the Past.
She is also going to be my bridesmaid next spring!

A young couple who are friends of Jordan's recently became engaged, and are to be married this fall. While I was visiting, they were having a 3-day house raising. Jordan and his brother went over to help out, and Sarah (my dear future sister-in-law) and I tagged along to see the excitement.

While we were there we got offered a ride in a 1955 convertible! It was so much fun!

Crazy hair and lots of tangles to brush out - but the ride was worth it! :)

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I returned from Tennessee.
Summer goes past so quickly!


Kris10 said...

I think it's absolutely lovely that your soon to be husband is building you a home. :D I'm not sure if I've heard of anything so romantic! I look forward to hearing all about your wedding plans, as they unfold. I'm recently married (April), and I remember how much fun it was planning and dreaming.

Congrats! Sending you both lots of prayer as you prepare for this grand adventure together!

Atlanta said...

How sweet! Thank you so very much, Kris! You have no idea how much those prayers are appreciated! :)


the parlor said...

I have recently become addicted to your posts! I was happy and surprised to learn that you will be moving to Tennessee where I live as well, so welcome to you.

I am getting married next summer and I found a post from 2011 titled wedding dress inspiration. Could you provide me with any info at all about the next to the last dress in the post? It is cream and silver, very simple, and I absolutely love it. Any info would be appreciated.

Atlanta said...

Thank you so much! Tennessee is such a beautiful place. Perhaps I will get to meet you one day!

The dress you refered to, is I believe an antique evening dress from the late 1930s or early 40s. It's a picture I saved many years ago from an online vintage dress sales place, which I cannot now remember the name. Don't know if this helps at all!


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