Monday, July 30, 2012

Of French Bakeries and Antique Shops

It was my birthday a few weeks ago. And, you must know that Mom and I have been talking about and attempting to plan an official 'Mother-Daughter Antiquing Trip' for my birthday since I was 12. So, this year (since I'll be in Tennessee next year) we just decided to DO IT. :)

And, since we waited so long, I actually had a specific purpose in looking for furnishings for my future home! I brought along my inventory list, and added many useful and lovely items...

We got up quite early that day and drove to Amarillo - to visit the historic 6th Street, which we had heard rumored to be full of lovely antique stores. And it was. But we got there a little too early, and they were closed. So - having spied an intriguing looking French bakery a few blocks away, we stopped in for a quick brunch.

We each shared a spinach croissant and a cream-puff. Scrumptious!
There were so many lovely little pastries and things, I wish we could have tried them all...

Before we left town we went back to buy some of the delicious looking fresh baked bread.

By the time we returned to 6th street, the antique shops were open! The first one we went to was housed in a lovely old mansion painted in fanciful colors and held many treasures....
(several of which came home with us...)

I didn't count how many shops we went to, but by the afternoon it felt as if we were out to prove that one could actually 'shop till you drop'! Tiring, but so much fun! :)

A whimsical fabric shop.
Could have spent hours just browsing their special-order fabric sample book  section!

In the window of one little shop...a special piece caught my eye. (and called my name) This antique, but fully restored icebox is now on my backporch, awaiting the move to Tennessee next year where it will be happily installed in my log-house kitchen. Isn't it grand?

It took me a while to decide on such a big purchase! I actually went  home without it that day, and after thinking about it, talking to Jordan, and praying finally made the decision several days later and called back to reserve it. My brothers kindly helped me go pick it up last week. I'm so excited to try it out!

The trip also yielded lots of other (smaller) booty for the future house....

Lots more enamelware!

Yes. I do love antique crocks.
 (well - they are very handy! :)

A slightly used Papmpered Chef baking dish, and a vintage muffin pan!

Two wood framed mirrors, very heavy and in excellent condition.
I'm going to alter the paintjob on both eventually.

Two antique lots more little stuff! :)

 Mom and I ended the day by eating a relaxing supper at Olive Garden, and then ended up walking across the parking lot to an adjoining Michael's craft store.....where I regret to say we got lost in the scrapbooking paper section for several hours. *ahem*....but we finally tore ourselves away and made the drive home, getting home quite late and exhausted.

It was an amazing birthday, one I will never forget! Thanks, Mom!!


Sarah Dawneé said...

Happy belated birthday to you!

What a wonderful time and adventure!
I'm so glad you were able to celebrate your birthday in such a wonderful way. =)

Sarah said...

A truly fun way to spend your birthday! Your ice box is wonderful. It is so neat to find antiques to furnish your home with; I am doing that myself. May the LORD bless you this year ahead!

Emily said...

Happy birthday!! Awww, what a fun time your must have had! Great finds too!

Donna said...

The ice box will look great with the kitchen cabinet that Jordan got for you! I can imagine the crocks in your pantry.
What a fun time!

Hana - Marmota said...

Happy belated birthday! What nice finds; and I guess it's better after all the wait, now that you know what you really want. :-)

PrincessR said...

Happy Birthday!

how fun! I just love those mother-daughter dates where you get some wonderful shopping down you have been wanting to do for a while!!

I had to laugh at the icebox, so totally you! Are you going to use it for a fridge? :D Can't wait to see pics of it in use!

Much love,


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