Thursday, March 14, 2013

Log House Progress

Jordan has been at work non stop on our house! It's looking so good! Only a couple of weeks until I get to see it in person! We've been so blessed to have family and friends pitch in to help Jordan with the construction.

So, here are the pictures -  be prepared to be amazed!

Second story beginnings...

Corners going up...

Lifting the last long logs

Cedar porch posts

Mudrom roof on + house roof beginning

Joists and rafters for the top story

Rafters done!

Won't we have a lovely view from our upstairs porch??

2nd story inside

Looks quite a mansion, doesn't it?
Possibly my favorite part is the *huge* porch. I had no idea it was going to be so big. I know I plan to spend alot of summer time on that porch! :)
Roof progress...

Putting on the metal...

Roof finished!

Sub flooring on the first floor

Attic space

In between logs in - window openings prepared

Wire mesh goes in the spaces to hold the chinking (mortar)

I LOVE the windows! I think they fit our house so perfectly. Looks like home already!

So far....

I'm so excited! I know I'm going to love living in this house Jordan has built. Not only for the beautiful design, or because it's wonderfully old fashioned, or sturdily built - but mostly because of all the time and love Jordan has put into it over the last year and a half. That is absolutely beyond price.

This may be my last post before the wedding! Only 16 days left to go...!

Prayers for Jordan and I as we prepare to begin our new life together would be so much appreciated!

Next time I'll be blogging from Tennessee....! :)


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