Monday, July 2, 2012

Antique Finds (Tennessee Trip)

Jordan is building our log house in the style of the 19th century, I am so very excited, and can't help already beginning to plan what the inside of our house will be like.
Even though the pictures shown below (taken from my pinterest inspiration folder) are by no means exactly what our house will look like, it will give you a good general idea of the look and style we are going for. Since the house will be constructed in a historic style, we'd like the inside furnishings to be old-fashioned as well. Not everything will neccessarily be period for the 1860s exactly, but I'd like to try to use as many antiques and old-style furniture as possible, to keep anything inside from being too glaringly modern. :)

Log houses with roomy porches....

Bright, sunny bedroom. This pic shows what log walls look like on the inside....

No built in kitchen counter tops and cabinets for me. I love the idea of having open shelves to store my antique dishes and big freestanding tables for workspace.

Attic bedroom with antique furniture and quilts.

So, naturally I am always on the lookout for antique stores, where I can add to my hopechest collection!
On the way to Tennessee, we stopped at a charming antique store in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, where I purchased several new (old) items....

A large (and heavy!) crock bowl.

White enamel measuring cup

Very large white enamel basin.

Iron or steel roaster - enameled inside.

Heavy duty whisk.
And....set of vintage/antique silverware.

This is part of my collection of white enamelware with blue or black rims. I am trying to collect enough to have these as my 'everyday' dishes, since they are very resistant to breaking. And I just love the clean and simple feel they have.

Part of my kitchen collection. Hand-held beater, grater, measuring spoons, pyrex custard cups, strainer ladle, cast iron griddle, and wooden handled forks and knives.

Occasionally I will buy something larger, such as a piece of furniture. This bench I picked up at an antique store in Texas a few months ago. Hopefully it will accompany a piano in our house one day....

And my much-loved 'hoosier' cabinet. Jordan bought this for us at an auction early in the spring. He sent me pictures over the phone to see if I liked it, and I thought it was just perfect! I've been looking for just the right cabinet for years at antique stores, but he found it! :) 

I *love* the glass and wood 'latice' cabinet doors.
Lots of storage! And the red-rimmed enameled counter top pulls out for a roomy workspace.

Cup hooks! Perfect for hanging antique teacups and coffee mugs....

A sturdy divided drawer.

Metal flour bin.

To keep the cabinet from looking quite so 1950s, I may replace the red papering on the shelves with something printed, and perhaps replace the silver handles as well.

The cabinet is already coming in handy! I stowed my antique finds from the trip up in the cabinet to keep them safe and sound until they will have a place the house next year.

Tennessee be continued....

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!


Kristin said...

I've been loving these posts. :) This must be such an exciting time for you! I'm so happy for you and Jordan. :)


Donna said...

Such an exciting time as you get ready for your lives together. I hope your sewing room will be large, with plenty of storage room, and light! I like the idea of the shelves instead of cabinets. Many Blessings!

Rowenna said...

Great finds! I grew up in a log home (my parents built it with the help of friends) and my mom had so many quirky ways to keep decor in tune with the cabin!

SisterlyLove said...

So gorgeous! I love all your vintage finds! That silverware is beautiful!
YES to porches. We live in a beautiful log house that my dad built but we don't have porches and we've always been pretty sad about it.

Chip said...

Atlanta! How lovely. I hope you and Jordan will be blessed greatly in your life ahead. It looks lovely!

Sarah Dawneé said...

Great finds!

I hope you'll share pictures once your house is done being built. It will be lovely to see how it looks.

PrincessR said...

How fun! It was such a pleasure to read through your posts on your trip to TN. How excited you must be!!

I have been praying for you a lot, my friend, and hope you are doing well! I owe you a call. :)

much love,

Maddie said...

I am so envious of all your wonderful collections! And most especially your log house. It has long been my dream to build a log home in the woods, and I hope that my future sweetheart will feel the same way!

Donna said...

My Mom had an older Hooser that she used in her sewing area, the table top was perfect for cutting out , and great storage for sewing supplies. I enjoyed the Pintrest choices you picked.


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