Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Homeplace (Tennessee Trip)

During my trip to Tennesee in June, we had several things planned to do. One of these we were most excited about was visiting 'The Homeplace'. Located at the Land Between the Lakes, it is a replica of a working 1850s farm. Many original structures, and without anything modern in view! There are volunteers on site every day doing the normal tasks of the 19th-century inhabitants - gardening, quilting, cooking, plowing, tending the animals, etc.
(read the link above to find out more about the site)

The houses are also fully furnished, and you can wonder through the entire site at your leisure. I thought this was just the best - not like being in some sort of stiff museum display, but instead you could really get the feel of a mid-century home.

It was just like a painting as we approached.

Enjoying the sitting room. (and of course both Jordan and I went in costume...)

I loved the pie safes and the woodstove in the kitchen!

Two volunteers at work in the kitchen.

Herbs grown on site were hanging up to dry in the kitchen, filling the air with a wonderful aroma!

It was so interesting to be able to poke around and even open up the cabinets to see what was inside! I felt a little like I had gone back in time and was snooping around in someone else's house! lol.
 It was fun, though.

Clothes hanging on pegs in the upstairs bedroom.

Feather mattresses and hand-sewn quilts were hanging out on the porch railings to air.

A view unspoiled by modern structures.

In one of the barns/workshops we encountered a friendly fellow who did much of the woodworking and blacksmithing for the place. When we came up he was sharpening a few saws.

They had chickens, pigs, a horse and mule, and oxen who all live on site.
Even the animal breeds are types chosen because they are period correct. Very neat!

This was my very favorite spot. Next to the smaller house was the most charming little fenced in herb and flower garden. I'd like to have one just like it someday!

We had a magnificent time, and gleaned much inspiration for our future log home!


Rebecca Ann said...

Atlanta what fun! Your post made me remember again why living history is so meaningful and fun. The reason is we get to bring history to life sharing with a modern age hard work and life where you have to work along side family and friends to live. Thank you for sharing pictures from your trip! Your dress and slat bonnet of course are lovely. What fun to be able to visit the farm dressed period!

In Christ,

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

What a spectacular place! You made the perfect occupants!

Donna said...

I am reminded how easy I have it, watering plants, by turning on the faucet, not having to cook over an open fire, assistance a phone call away. It would be nice to live in peace and quiet, without some of the distractions of modern
living. You and Jordan looked like you belonged in that time.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

That looks SO neat!!! I would've loved to see that! Maybe if I ever come by to to visit you, you'll have to show me. ;)
I love the garden! How wonderful and quaint it was! :) Actually, wouldn't it just be fun to be a volunteer?? ;) Thanks for sharing all the pictures! :) (Oh, and you look simply wonderful in that sitting room! I can picture you in one of your own!)

Sarah said...

What a neat place to visit! I so enjoyed the photos. The last photo of you and your fiance is beautiful!

Hana - Marmota said...

It looks fantastic! Like an open air museum, only even better! And it made me think... that I need a peg hanger for my currently-worn clothes. :-)

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Looks like a lovely site!! So many cool things to see! Little tip, though--I would love if your photos were Large or X-Large size so I could see them better, show off your good photography!!


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