Friday, November 5, 2010

What to wear with skirts in cold weather??

Well - I wear cotton stretch leggins from Kohl's. They are quite warm, and don't add bulk. Sometimes if it's really cold, I even wear tights and leggings!

(I don't like being cold.)

What do you other skirt-wearing girls do in cold weather?? Any good reccomendations?


Rowenna said...

I like wearing opaque tights, too--in different patterns and colors :)

Christine said...

I like the Cuddle Duds brand, because they're made to me like long johns, but without the bulk. They're skin tight, and don't show hardly at all. The best part is, because they're slick, you can wear them in place of your slip!

SinginginHisName said...

Hi Atlanta! This is a question I get from almost every woman and girl who comes into contact with me in the cold weather! They wonder whats underneath there and how I stay war in a skirt or dress. :)

I politely reply that I wear wool leggings or cotten leggins with wool or cotten socks. Or yes I even wear poly stocking and socks as well. Here is the website I bought my wool leggings from that I wear when its really cold. I tend to get cold, so they are my favorite pair to wear all through fall and winter! I always have them at reenactments and modern wearing as well!

They may seem expensive, $26.00 for some wool leggings, but I have had mine for the 3rd winter season and I have only mended them once. I highly, highly recommend the! You will love them! They last a long time and I only wash mine once each week and thats good enough.

In Christ,

Natasha Atkerson said...

I wear leggings, tights and of course FURRY BOOTS! My favorites are my Emu's they're fur lined all the way down the boot! Even in the foot part!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

OnceuponaTime said...

I wear the same thing! If I am really cold I'll wear sweats underneath my skirts, when I am at home. I think us skirt wears end up warmer then pants wears; because we can layer it’s a little hard to layer pants:)

Sarah said...

I love wearing leggings!! If ya don't wear leggin's, wear skirts lined in flannel.. paired with a pair of long socks.. ta-da!
However, leggin's are the best.. I could have at least 5 pairs.. lol!

Love ya! S

Jennifer P. said...

I'm from Texas too and don't like extreme cold. Years ago when I was in England in January, I wore footed tights underneath old-fashioned leg-warmers that I held up with an equally old-fashioned garter belt. My longish skirt went down to my boottops so the layers weren't too obvious.


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