Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend fun...

This last weekend my brothers and I drove up to Oklahoma for our first HSA (Homeschool Alumni) get-together. It was so much fun! A big thank you to the Naylor family for hosting it!

The girls!

The guys!

Activities included a photo scavenger hunt in the historic town of Guthrie, morning devotions, bowling, dancing, jamming, and playing all manner of humorous and crazy games such as 'Four on a Couch', 'Hostage', 'The Broom Game' and 'Dutch Blitz'.

It was such fun making so many new friends! Lots of memories!


Patrizia said...

I know some of these people!

Rejoicing In Him, Patrizia

Anna Olivia said...

I know them too! ;) How neat!*~

Michaela said...

I was just going to say that! ^_^ NEATO. And the ones I don't know I recognize. ;)

Brooke said...

Looks like tons of fun! :)

Rachel said...

It looks like you had bunches of fun! How great to be able to get together with a bunch of like-minded people! :)

SinginginHisName said...

these past 5 days my family hosted a sewing bee for all the homeschool/reenactors we are friends with on the east coast. It was tons of fun to have them all over and sew together! Its so much to be together with other who are one in Christ! I loved seeing your fun days with friends as well. Possibly pictures from the sewing bee coming soon over at my blog.

In Christ,

PrincessR said...

How fun!! Did you see that there is one in Colorado Springs, CO January 7-9?? We are thinking about going- only thinking so far. It is through HSA. We think it would be fun to host one ourselves once we have things settle down with the ranch.

Thanks for posting pics!!! Hugs!

Fashion Belle said...

Hi! You were in my neighborhood. So glad your visit was last weekend instead of this one. A cold front has just hit Oklahoma and it is quite chilly and windy now.

I'm writing also to let you know that your blog has been featured on my new website for modest clothing and sewing pattern resources with a few vintage resource links like yours. About 500 reviews are on the site, and your blog may be found featured at the following address:

Thanks for your blog!

Atlanta said...

Rebecca - that sounds so cool! are yall on HSA?!

Fashion Belle, -thanks so much for the feature! You have a lovely website!

Sarah said...

Wow!! Looks like a totally fun weekend!!

Like Becca said, I hope we can go to the one in CO!! It would be fun. They are even thinking about going to this Civil War ball (hosted by a different homeschool group, but open to other homeschoolers). I think it will be neat.

Love ya! Sarah


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