Thursday, September 13, 2012

Regency Ball Gown and Day Dress

What I've been working on this week. A lovely lady that I met at last yea'rs Jane Austen Convention, is getting ready to go again (but this time it's in Brooklyn, hence I am not attending. :)
She sent me a package of material, and requested a couple of new dresses, in whatever styles I chose, as long as they were appropriate for a ball gown and a day dress.

The fabrics were a turquoise blue satin, a vintage silk sari in colors of dark turquoise, maroon, and gold bordered, and a medium weight green/brown checkered fabric.

From the satin and silk, I mad this two-piece ball gown. The sari overbodice is classical-inspired, featuring a criss-cross bodice, and the gold border used as trim.

The satin underdress. This could also be used as a dress on it's own, worn over a sheer blouse.

Over dress comes back into a graceful min-train that I know will be lovely when dancing.

The day dress is a simple apron front style, with medium length puffed sleeves.

A rounded square neckline

Showing the inner fastenings of the apron front style.

A small back bodice and full gathered skirt.


Kristin said...

Very pretty! :)

P.S. My family took a day trip to Appomattox and saw the dress you made in the Museum of the Confederacy! :)


Atlanta said...

Kristin - how neat! I'm quite jealous, it looks like such an interesting museum! Hope yall had lots of fun!

Jemimah said...

Wow, they're both stunning! You are really clever!

Thilda said...

Your dresses are very very lovely. Congratulation

Isis said...

Both are lovely! and it's always nice to see Regency in bright colours!

Purity Leigh said...

Simply Beautiful. You did a wonderful on both of the dresses.

Ariel Skye said...

Oh so lovely!!

Donna said...

I love the two piece ball gown, the short train, just lovely!
She will have some beautiful additions for the festival.


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