Thursday, April 29, 2010

Green Linen Regency Dress and Chemisette

Another Regency dress for the Etsy shop! I have to say how much I love this gathered bodice/drawstring fastening pattern. It's simple and beautiful! I'm definately going to be using it a lot in the future! This dress has 3/4 length sleeves. The chemisette is sheer cotton voile with two delicate ruffles at the slightly-v neckline.

This particular dress is made from a lovely semi-sheer linen/cotton blend in a pale green, yellow, and white floral stripe pattern. I think it looks almost reproduction - don't you?
I bought the fabric along with several yards of the same pattern in a pink colorway. And I'm thinking I may use it to make myself a regency dress. What do you think? Do I need another dress? tee hee.


Stephanie Ann said...

This dress is so pretty! I have been meaning to sew a regency dress but I have a million other things to sew first. You sew so often! I am amazed! It takes me forever to sew. The fabric is gorgeous.

Fiddlin Girl said...

I love it!!! Yes, make the pink one and then let me know when you will send it to me. ;) lol!! Just kidding. It really is so very pretty.

When did women start wearing chemisettes? Does it depend on the age of the person?? I am thinking I might need a chemisette for one or two of the girls in our movie... hmm..

Sorry, off subject! Any way, I can't wait for you to make the regency dress for yourself. You must post pictures!! :) lol

Love ya!

Atlanta said...


You know, I'm really not sure if there was an 'age' where chemisettes became appropriate. I'm guessing they were fine for children and women. I can send you a pattern if you need one.

What sort of movie are you making?

Fiddlin Girl said...

Ok, thanks! I was just thinking that I can't recall any of the younger ladies (ie: Jane, Lizzy, Emma, etc) wearing them, but I could be wrong.. for some reason I am thinking that Emma might have worn one (in the Kate Beckinsale version)... did she?

I am planning on calling you in just a few minutes maybe... gotta do a few things first.. is that ok?

Love, Sarah

Fiddlin Girl said...

Ah, thank you so much for the helpful tips over the phone. I will have to put some of it into my costume making.. hopefully I can get onto it this weekend... Regency dresses shouldn't be too hard.. they at least don't require 7 yards to work with -ooh, that dress almost smothered me while working on it!!! ;) lol!

Love ya! Sarah


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