Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My New Room

Yesterday and today were spent reorganizing and rearraning my bedroom/sewing room/office/studio. Here is the whole story with before and after pictures...

Before pictures:

As you can see - rather crowded without alot of floor space. Double sized bed (which is really bigger than what I need), cluttered desk, and lots of wasted space.


When we were at Canton trade days the other weekend, I finally found an antique twin bed that I liked and was affordable! (I've been searching for a couple of years!) It is a cute little white iron bedstead that goes perfectly with the retro theme of my room:

Much better! Lots more floor space (even though you can't tell from the picture) for laying out fabric and patterns, plus a nice 'office' area.

The bedspread I just found on Etsy the other day - the darlingest 1930s lavendar chenile in diamonds and waves pattern. Cute! I love it - the soft color goes perfectly with the chartreuse-green accents in my room.

My art deco bookshelf where I keep my most prized books be they old, valuable, or just well loved.

The much improved desk area! I decided to add the 1930s era fold-out sewing table so I could have separate spaces for the laptop and the artwork/writing desk. It's working much (much!) better. Eventually I would like to get a better shelf for the corner, but for now these metal crates are doing the job.

The antique secretary was given to me by my great-grandmother. I've had it since I was 10 or so....

Laredo was such a wonderful help, he cut slats for the bed and put it together, as well as doing all the heavy lifting and putting screws in the right places.

Carolina testing out the new bed....

Old stoneware crock for paintbrushes, Waverley novels c. 1899, and bookshelf decorations.

Antique cobalt-blue lamp, lavendar chenile bedspread, bedside books.

Jewelry box, old-timey flanel ticking sheets, and small antique/vintage memorabelia collection.

Antique trunk I recieved last Christmas. One of (many) items that holds my every growing 'hope chest'.

Very happy with it! Next I need to reorangize my sewing area so I can share pictures of my entire room! :^)

What do you think of my 'new' room??


Ashley Nicole said...

I LOVE your bedroom, Atlanta! It is so sweet and vintage-y. It is just like my dream bedroom. :)


SinginginHisName said...

Atlanta I loved your room before!!!! Now I love it even more!!! I have a soft spot for cherry wood furniture and it seems you do too! or as least that sort of coloring of wood! My whole room is the same color scheme with cherry wood furniture except for the bed which is also the vintage white bed frame! love it and congrats on getting more organized. I want to do a post about my room when its all done as well.

In Christ,

Miss Virginia said...

I LOVE your room, can I move in too? lol, just kidding. ;) I adore the art deco stuff, especially the bed with the 1930s spread. So perfect!

Alexandra said...

Your bedroom is absolutely darling! Love it!

Rebecca Jane said...

GASP!! yay!! i LOVE it, friendo! so perfect :D

a Matula ikrek said...

It became so pretty, wish you spend lovely hours there! :)

Courtney G. said...

I am Totally Jealous!! lol I have been looking for one of those bed frames myself! I'm so glad you were able to find one that suited you. I agree with Ashley, I may in fact have my dream bedroom! :)

Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

I want your bed... Enough said.

Stephanie said...

Oooh! I just LOVE your room! It's so darling!


Sarah said...

Oh neat!!! It looks GREAT!! I wish I could see it in person. :) I totally love that bed spread! so adorable. Everything in the room looks so nice and organized, vintage and themed!

Anonymous said...

A totally fabulous room! I love the pop of purple and of course the bed!

Charity U said...


Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Looks great Atlanta. A place where inspiration turns into reality!

Rachel said...

Ohhhh... I adore your room!!! How lovely!

Mary said...

That's so lovely! I'm inspired to change my room around is definitely in need of it. Your creativity in decorating is wonderful!

~Miss Mary

Kellie said...

Wonderful, Atlanta!
*Love* the bedspread - *love* the humpback trunk - *love* the collection of old and well-loved books - Waverly collection c. 1899? *Swoons* I commend you on your excellent taste! =)
What a a truly marvelous room to be creative in.

Have a fabulous day!

Miss Linda said...

Your redecorated room is lovely. I also would love to find an attractive twin-size bed. The full-size bed I have now is larger than I need, and space is so precious in a small bedroom!

Thank you for sharing and for being a conduit for inspiration.

Anna Olivia said...

I love it!~ So adorable.

Rachel and Sarah said...

I second Kellie's remark! I have one volume of the Waverly Novels, Castle Dangerous, that I found in an antique store, but it is not in *that* good of shape! :) I love looking around on your blog, because everything you do is so much to my taste! :) Thanks for sharing! ~Rachel

Audrey said...

I love your work ! It's so beautiful...
I'm sorry, my english is very bad because i'm french.
I link to you in my blog.

Anonymous said...


Your new bedroom look is simply gorgeous! I love that purple bedspread. Purple is right next to my favorite colors pink and mauve. :)

You sure do have a lovely blog, and I have enjoyed my visit today. You are welcomed to visit my blog if you desire. I'm sure to come back here again! :)


-Lady Rose

P.S. Looking forward to seeing the sewing section of the room. :)

Katie -D said...


Child of God said...

Dear Atlanta,

I LOVE the new pictures of your room!! I want to do something like that in my room. :)

Have a lovely day.

Blessed in our Lord,

Hannah E.


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