Monday, May 2, 2011

Hats from the Royal Wedding

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about the royal wedding already....but I came into it late as I was too busy most of last week to keep up with it, so I decided to go ahead with a little post. :)

I'll try not to go on about the lovliest of dresses.....or the fairytale-ish-ness of the pictures from the ceremony.

But - the hats worn by the wedding guests were simply amazing. Some cute or classy, some perfectly pretty, and some downright ridiculous. I had to keep blinking to realize these were pictures from now-a-days, and not from a movie or a wedding in the 1900s.....they were all so....well, so British I guess.  
I have no clue who most of these people are, but I thought it would be fun to have a little gallery of wedding hat pictures!
I hope the milliners in England are taking a vacation right now. They deserve one. :-)

Which are your favorites??

Isn't her whole outfit scrumptious?? Reminds me of Edwardian/20s dresses...

Then of course we have Cinderella herself, in the most gorgeous wedding dress ev-er.


But....wait....what would a Cinderella story be without two evil stepsisters???

Yep. They were there too. Love it.


Elinor Dashwood/Melanie said...

Did you realize the girl in blue, in the first photo is the actress of the grown-up Susan in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"? (I didn't figure that out.... someone else pointed it out to me.)

Brooke said...

It *is* hard to imagine that people still wear awesome hats like these somewhere! :D

I really like #'s 1, 5, 6, 7. Any of the smaller. More fasinator type of things are pretty nice. I do love Carole Middleton's hat tho so classic.

Lol...The evil step sister's. :D So funny. :D I don't mind Princess Euginie's (sp?) hat so much, but Beatrice's on the other hand. Oh my goodness. :S I love her coat tho. I'm huge coat junky so I was really living in the moment. :D Never-the-less she was in extra in The Young Victoria which is awesome so I guess I shouldn't be to harsh. :D

Rebekah said...

I like the first one a lot. You are right, some of them are hilarious! I am not sure if I have ever commented, but I have been following your blog for months. I love your creations!

Anna Olivia said...

So many bizarre and incredible hats... I love this wedding tradition of Great Britain!!

Hayden said...

Oh, why do we not wear hats like this is the U.S. of A.???

Erica said...

haha...we had to fight a whole war to gain liberty from the hats :)

Riah said...

I can't imagine wearing hats like those! Some of them are really quite silly! Ahh, I love America! The only hat I liked a little was the one the woman in the "scrumptious outfit". But that is mainly because it's Edwardian-ish and I love the Edwardian era!

LadyD said...

Quite entertaining! The ensamble in the first picture is very elegant, but, I must confess, I couldn't help thinking the hat resembled a UFO! Oh dear, it must come from growing up with brothers! ;)

Rose West said...

A lot of the hats were pretty ridiculous... I was wondering how some of them stayed on their heads! But it was such a beautiful wedding, wasn't it?

Bethany Ward said...

I saw your giveaway on Grace's Garden Walk and go your link from there. You have a very nice shop and are very talented!


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