Friday, August 12, 2011

18th Century Princess

Historically inspired by the 18th century, a princess dress in pink satin and cream taffeta....

This morning, I sent this ensemeble off for a little girl's birthday party. I had quite a good time making it - actually it was a variation on another 18th century style dress I did last year.
Although, I have to admit I like this one better. :)

Dress can be seen here in the shop.

Isn't little sis adorable?

A ruffled taffeta petticoat to match! I think it gives the skirt a nice shape.
Can now be seen here in my shop.

 I used two different types of trim put together - the cream laced cord, and some lovely organza rose, pearl and lace stuff.

This has me itching to sew some actual, historically constructed 18th dresses......but that must wait for a while yet! Still been super busy on Regency dresses - hope to have pictures posted of that soon!


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, that is stunning!! Atlanta, you're an artist with fabric and thread. <3

Sarah Dawneé said...

This is so very beautiful!
That taffeta petticoat is simply lovely too!

Hayden said...

absolutely amazing!

Krista said...

wow your sewing is AMAZING ! i came across your blog, and hope you dont mind if i follow your blog :) ...
mine is

Laura said...

Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Brooke said...

What an adorable little sister you have! :) The dress is swell! Truely fit for a princess. ;)


P.S. I was wondering if you'd mind me putting your blog on my blogroll?

Janel said...

Very nice! I especially love the petticoat!

Atlanta said...

Thank you, girls!! :)

Krista & Brooke, of course I don't mind! Please do!

God bless, - Atlanta

Mahrian said...

Oh my! Loooove your space here! Simply stunning! Congratulations, dear, for the amazing work! :D

Nicki T. said...

It's so cute!!!


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