Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jane Austen Convention - Part 3

The second full day at the booth (Friday) was a bit different. Instead of having steady stream of customers througout the day, there would be about hour long lulls, and then all of a sudden, rushes of about 30 minutes where we might have 15 people in the booth at once,.....then another lull. It was kind of crazy, but fun!

During some of the quiet periods, we found time for a little exploring and photo-taking.
These 'Greek' collumns complete the Regency classical feel!

Wool tartan shawl - stolen from my 1860s reenacting wardrobe....

New dress on display!

We brought my sewing machine so we could make alterations on the spot.

Handpainted sign in bright pink and deep aqua.

Rebecca started making drawstring reticules while at the booth after getting lots of requests! Aren't they darling?

Table full of frilly wares.....

A lovely ruffled cap, again by Rebecca.

Various dresses on display.

Now I would like to introduce you to some new friends!  

In our Emporium room, we were blessed to be near some lovely ladies with Bingley's Teas.
Now, I had heard vaguely before about the Jane Austen Tea Series, but I had no idea how delightful it really was. Each tea in the series is carefully concocted to correspond with a character from Jane Austen's novels. How fun is that? I knew I had to have some, but had a hard time deciding on which to choose! I finally settled on the 'Emma' which is a 'Young Green Tea, Full of Romantic Ideas. Strawberries, Roses, Flavoring Unite to find a Matchmakers Blend' and the 'Elizabeth' which is 'A Strong Black tea with Sassy, Smart Cranberry Rounded with Sweet flavoring and Flowers of Opinion'. Both are absolutely wonderful! I also want to try 'Treasures from the Colonel' and 'The Patience of Miss Price'.
I have to confess that Rebecca bought 'Wicked Wickham'! *gasp*, shocking!

Angela and Julia were so much fun - full of sweetness and laughter! They were constantly brewing teas at their booth that filled the room with delicous aromas - lucky us- we got to try scrumtious samples all week!

The teas come in adorable boxes with character vinettes that look like antique Jane Austen books!
Don't tell my Jane Austen-loving friends and family....
but I'm thinking these would make fabulous Christmas gifts.....

We were all four wearing various shades of blue and white Saturday, and thought it merited a picture!

The beautiful tea blends out for a colorful display on china saucers.

Next up......Part 4, in which we become famous


Kellie said...

Oh, it all looks so delightful! I can only imagine the excitement and festive air that must have pervaded the whole place. I so wish I could have seen it! =)

Those teas are absolutely adorable. The creative descriptions made my day:)

Fanny said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun, and oh so gorgeous you are! I wish the event took place a bit closer to home, I would have loved to visit... (it's a bit far away from Sweden!:P )

Anonymous said...

The tea is so good! I got Treasures from the Captain and it's indeed VERY yummy.

barcak flock said...

You are so beautiful! The gowns are gorgeous, too. Glad you had a grand time!

The Dapper Bonnet said...

Oh my goodness! It appears that we have the same sewing machine!


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