Monday, November 5, 2012

What I've Been Up To: Doll Beds

Hello again, everyone! After such a long silence here on the blog, you may be wondering what I've been up to.....well. I'm about to tell you, and you may be surprised!

As I mentioned earlier, my fiance Jordan, was down here visiting from Tennessee. He came right after he finished logging and sawing all the lumber for our future house. However, before he can start actually constructing the house, he needed to work for a couple of months and make enough cash to pay for supplies and various expenses during construction. So, the original plan was that he was going to visit for a week and then go back to Tennessee and work out of town on a job he had lined up. But - plans changed a bit (actually an answer to my prayers, I think! :) My parents offered to let us temporarily take over the doll bed business that they had previously had going as a small side job, but were too busy now to continue. They had a waiting list of about 30 customers that wanted to order, and the actual dollars per hour for makingt he beds were higher than Jordan's other job - (and we could be together!!) so we said yes!

So - Jordan has been welding the metal doll beds, and generally improving the whole process,  and I've been doing the painting, sewing bedding sets, photography, and customer service. Busy!

And yes - our goal is the pay the rest of the way towards the house with doll beds.

Are we crazy?


But hey - if Jordan and I can do it, and do it together - I'm all in! :) It's been good and steady work so far with plenty of orders, and I pray God's blessing on our continued efforts.

As a fan from childhood of miniature anything (especially having to do with dolls) I'm really loving the photography part. I've set up little 'rooms' with fabric wallpaper and miniature furniture to give my bed photographs more interest. Such fun!


The beds are antique and retro in style, which I love. All strong steel welded together by hand, completely sturdy and heirloom quality.


If you would like to spread the word about our new business on your blog, etc.
then please do contact me, I would so much appreciate the support!
Please check out our Etsy shop, FB page, and Flickr photostream. And if you spot a picture you like, pin it to Pinterest! That helps us because our link is written on all the pictures. :)

And be sure to tell me what you think!
Do you think we are crazy and this is a ridiculous, hair brained scheme?
Or, are you also, like me, a secret fan of miniature worlds??


Rozy Lass said...

No you're not crazy, probably very wise in choosing an occupation that keeps you together. These beds are just precious; and hopefully the economy will pick up after the election and your venture will be very successful.

Allison Elizabeth said...

Just wanted to say I don't think it's crazy. ;) I do, however, think it's adorable (haha), and great that you are able to work together on this project. I wish you both success! :)

Kellie said...

I'm a big fan of miniatures, and passionate about entrepreneurship! And I think you two are the cleverest couple in Texas to be able to do this. Congratulations, Atlanta! Your work is fabulous, and I'm so excited for you to be able to pursue your dreams together in this unique and remarkable way.
Very best wishes for your new house building and your new life!

Love in Christ,

a Matula ikrek said...

Totally agree with Rozy, the beds are sooo lovely and it's so good that you can work together with your Jordan.
I wish you plenty of orders for Christmas! :o)

OldFashionGirl said...

That is the neatest thing I have ever heard of! Good for you two! And how fun! Someday you'll be telling your children about this!

PrincessR said...

yay!!! I think it is so neat to be together on a job! This is a lovely adventure that you guys will look back upon with fondness- and lots of good memories!!!! Besides the fact of learning how to work together....Any business helps teach that!

:happy sigh: I am so happy for you guys. :)

Lady M said...

Congratulations! Running a business is a rewarding endeavor.

These beds are exactly what I've been looking for. Have you considered making them for 18" dolls, like American Girl dolls. I think you could sell quite a bit since I haven't seen any like this for sale in that size.

Atlanta said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement, everyone!! :)

Lady M: Yes, we are actually coming out with an American Girl style very soon!

Lady M said...

Wonderful! I'll be looking for them. My DD needs several for her AG dolls.

P.S...your photography is excellent!

Miss Kacy Pogue said...

Those are so beautiful. I know a set of twin girls that would love these. Thank you.

Amy said...

I love these!! I'm a huge fan of anything miniature too!

Rebecca Jane said...

yayee! how perfect and adorable!


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