Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Snapshots of Spring

Just various snapshots from our first spring in Tennessee:
Cucumbers peeking out in our tiny little garden...
Apple-merengue tart for breakfast
Attending a local reenactment
Making a new raised bed
Strawberry season!
Adventures in sourdough break making
We had Goldfinch in Texas in the winter,
 but its so fun to see them in their yellow summer coat.
Late night cookie cravings
Discovering a swimming hole...
Fun times.
Currently we are preparing to attend the Gettysburg Blue-Gray Alliance reenactment this week.
Any of my readers going?


Emily Ann said...

Oh I love this post! Great pictures! YES! My group is going to the Blue-Gray Alliance reenactment! I would LOVE to be able to meet you!

Emaline Foster said...

Oh! Ecstasy! What a lovely post! Do you use your wood cook stove for all your cooking and baking? It looks fun and terrifying. =]

Pretty pictures of your garden and wildlife too. =]

I hope we'll get to go to a reenactment this year! But not the gettysburg one, as we're on the opposite side of the States. =]
I hope you'll take pictures for us to see!


Sarah said...

Beautiful photos! The tart and bread looked delicious. Are you planning to make strawberry jam? I too hope that you will post photos from the reenactment. : )

LadyD said...

Oh, you will have to tell me how you liked your sourdough bread...I put together a starter about a week ago, tomorrow will be baking day, I'm excited to see how it turnes out! I also found a recipe using the starter to make sourdough pizza crust. I plan to make one tomorrow along with the bread. I have also seen a sourdough doughnut recipe, which I would love to try sometime as well. :)

Lady E. said...

Aw, what a beautiful, simple life. :)

Kris10 said...

I just recieved a sour dough bread start. As soon as we return from Gettysburg, I'm going to start "growing" it. Any tips or advice? I'm excited and nervous to try it out. But I love the idea of using natural yeast for bread. Lovely post!



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