Thursday, September 5, 2013

What we did for my birthday...

I've been woefully behind this summer keeping updated posts up, so I'm going to do a little catch-up and tell you what we've been up to during the last few months.
For my 23rd birthday in July, Jordan took me canoeing!! It was the first 'real' canoe experience I ever had, and it was wonderful!! I can't wait to do it again sometime. The morning of my birthday we spur of the moment decided to go, packed a pic-nic lunch, borrowed a canoe, and off we went!
The only time I had paddled around before was a on a small lake, nothing like the river Jordan took me to. It was much more fun and exciting! We got on the water about noon, and paddled for several hours, then stopped to eat some snacks and swim!
Aren't the bluffs and the blue-green water bee-u-tee-ful?
Stopped for swimming and lunch....
Many times it was not hard at all to imagine us being on the Congo or But I'm glad there were no big snakes or piranas. That would have been a little too much excitement for a birthday. :)
Several times we came through very rough water - Jordan of course had all the hard work in the back. I'm not very good at this paddling thing yet, but I'm trying. I thought the rough spots were fun until Jordan told me later he was legitimately afraid we were about to go over several times!
As the evening drew on we had a bit of a time finding a place to take out and go home, but we finally did, both of us exhausted. We had gone 10 or 12  miles! Quite a lovely day. 


Stephanie Ann said...

Those photos are great! It looks like you two had a lot of fun. That river looks amazing.

Ruth Torrijos said...

Oh fun! I went canoing once and it wasnt as good a time as you had! lol Fun fun! :D

LadyD said...

I have been so jealous ever since you told me you went canoeing! LoL. :) You have inspired me to try and do the same for my birthday actually...we found out there is canoeing down by Abilene- so I think we are going to try and go down there! It isn't a river, but hey, it is water! Thanks for sharing your pictures! :)

Lady E. said...

Wow, that looks tremendously fun!! :D I would love to do that with my husband.

Emaline Foster said...

Happy Birthday!
Your canoe trip sounds fun and kinda scary. ha ha!
I can see you had a lovely time. I hope this year is filled with delightful happenings for you!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!

Oh how fun! I've been canoeing before and it's a lot of fun! We went with friends in May on some pretty rough water, which was a little hard, but I like adventures! :)

Thank you for posting!
Love and Blessings,
~Martha Joy


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