Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Baby - Marian Edith

Our  baby arrived last week!

This is Marian - two days before she was born. :) I was fully convinced it was still going to be a week or two before the baby came, as I felt on the whole quite normal, and I expected things would slowly change so I would know when it was time. (wrong!)

At 3:44 in the morning on February 17th I woke up and went downstairs to the restroom. I went back upstairs to bed, but couldn't get to sleep because of some rather uncomfortable cramps. I was restless enough that Jordan woke up as the cramps got a little harder, and our whispering woke up Mom, who came to see what was wrong. (Mom and 3 of my siblings had come to stay until the baby was born to help us out)

I was still convinced it was nothing, but the three of us went downstairs and I tried to get comfortable on the couch or the floor, but couldn't. Finally about 5:30 am they decided to call the midwife, we had timed the contractions and they were about 2 to 3 minutes apart, and varying in intensity somewhat. The midwife said to keep monitoring them and call back in 1 hour. In 45 minutes they were more regular at about 2 minutes apart, and noticeably stronger. They called her again, and she said she would be on her way after breakfast.

We decided to move back upstairs to the bedroom. By this time I was getting pretty miserable, nothing seemed to help get through each contraction except holding on to Jordan. I wasn't able to relax through them like I had read about in various books.

So many ladies I knew had had very long labors with their first birth, that I expected that too. I assumed labor would go on for a couple of days maybe. Mine came on so hard and fast, that I started to get panicky during the harder contractions, as they were almost more than I could bear, and I was thinking to myself - 'I don't think I can do this much longer, let alone all day and into the next!'

 Somehow I had missed the memo from Mom and from the midwife that I was actually getting very close to having the baby - I thought I was still in the beginning stages, and when I started getting the urge to push I was like 'Oh no!! This is way too early!', and I was shocked when the midwife checked me and told me I was fully dilated and had her permission to push the baby out any time I was ready!

Up until the last I didn't think I would be able to do it. During the last contractions the only bearable place to be was on my floor mat, kneeling mostly, and that is where the baby was born. The midwife handed the baby to me, and I saw it was a girl. What an amazing lot of feelings were mixed up that day - lots of pain, then so much happiness!

Holding our little girl Marian Edith

Marian meets Dad

The most wonderful feeling ever. Having her here safely - and breathing a big sigh of relief  that it was over, and enjoying getting to know our daughter! Having her at home was a great experience.

She was beautiful and pink from the time she was born - she was very alert and latched on to nurse only a few minutes after being handed to me. She was born at 10:38am, so total time for my labor was only about 7 hours. So thankful! It seemed even much shorter than that to me - I couldn't believe that I had gone to bed the night before not expecting to meet our baby for a couple of weeks, and the next morning she was here!

She is such a darling - it's only been a little over a week and I can't imagine how we ever got along without her!

We love her so much!! Thank you to everyone who was praying for us!

My Mom put together a video slideshow of her first couple of days, click here to see, or watch below:

Marian from Shannon Ranch on Vimeo.


Karien said...

What a beauty! She looks just like you... Congratulations with this very special gift. I know you will take good care of her. Love from The Netherlands

Lady E. said...

Congratulations! She is a sweetie! That is wonderful that it was a quick delivery. I love reading about birth stories. It really fascinates me!

Rachel Hope said...

I'm so happy for you! oh my goodness your little girl is so sweet. Your little cabin looks so cozy and old fashioned, and I am sure that now it will be ever more filled with joy.
I couldn't imagine going through something like that. But I suppose it's a special grace The Lord gives to mothers. Mine went through that 10 times.
Blessings to you and your little family.
Rachel hope

Virginia said...

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful!

Patrizia said...

Such a beautiful post, Im so very happy for you all, she is just precious & beautiful. God bless you each & everyone. The video had me in tears, such precious memories.

Would you mind if I reposted this on my blog? A blog on relationships & girl life. I think it would bless many young ladies.

God bless you & your lovely family!

Aspen Shannon said...

She is so adorable! I cannot wait to come see her! Love y'all.

~ Aspen

Laura Jane said...

Congratulations! What BEAUTIFUL photos of you and Jordan working together to get through those contractions.
Someone forgot to tell me as well that when you feel that you just can't take it anymore you are near the end!
LOVE that little one. Nap when she naps.... DRINK LOTS!!!

Emily Ann said...

She is SO precious!!! Congratulations!!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

We were SO excited when we got the news!!!! =) She is such a beautiful little lady!
The video was really sweet to see. How neat that your mom was able to do that. It will definitely be cool to have for memories down the road. =)
Love you all and praying you'll get plenty of rest in the upcoming months. =)

Miss Dashwood said...

Congratulations!!!!!! She's so tiny and pink and sweet-- absolutely adorable! And what a beautiful name you chose for her-- I love old-fashioned names and Marian Edith is SO lovely.

Loree said...

She is Just beautiful. So happy for you. Can't to see photos of her in her historical clothes. I love the little outfits you made out of sweaters.

FaithEllie Grubb said...

I love the explanatory post! Thank you! How sweet! Children truly are a blessing! CONGRATULATIONS! And I'm so glad you had such a quick smooth birth! Praise God!

K. Marie said...

Congratulations, Atlanta! Hello to little Marian,too! :)

Desarae said...

Again, I'm so happy for you! It was great getting to hear your side of the birthing story, and seeing more pictures! She is so adorable!! Congratulations dear friend. :)

Boyer Family Singers said...

Congratulations! What a sweet little girl! May God continue to bless you all.

the Middle Sister and Singer

Kayla Alexander said...

She is absolutely darling! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl.
I'm glad she is nice and healthy and that it was a successful birth! We are all so happy and excited for y'all!


Kayla Alexander said...

She is absolutely darling! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl.
I'm glad she is nice and healthy and that it was a successful birth! We are all so happy and excited for y'all!


Ruth Torrijos said...

Oh my, Atlanta! She is adorable! So sweet and tiny and pink! lol WOW! I can't imagine how hard it must be to go through labor without pain relief! Congratulations on the new addition! (I hope I can someday go to a reenactment you guys are at and meet her! LOL)



Natasha Marie said...

Ooh, she's beautiful! And so is her name! Congratulations!! :D

Amy said...

She is just the most beautiful, most darling thing ever. I've said "congratulations" more times than I can count, but I just love you guys and am incredibly happy for you. :D

Elise said...

Congratulations! If the pictures I've been seeing all over Facebook are anything to go by, she looks just like you! :)
I'm so glad things went to well.

Part of your story sounded just like mine with our daughter. I was so shocked when I got the urge to push! haha.

Can't wait to meet the little doll, and see y'all. :)

Elise said...

Congratulations! If the pictures I've been seeing all over Facebook are anything to go by, she looks just like you! :)
I'm so glad things went to well.

Part of your story sounded just like mine with our daughter. I was so shocked when I got the urge to push! haha.

Can't wait to meet the little doll, and see y'all. :)

Patrizia said...

I forgot to leave the link to my blog if you would allow me to repost, thank you!

Reyna Nicole said...

Congratulations! I am so glad that she is here and that everyone is healthy! I have been praying for you guys and had a bit of a celebration when I heard from Aspen that she was an aunt! Marian is a lovely baby - just like her mommy!

silvermedusa said...

Happy Birthday Marian Edith. What a wonderful name.
All my best wishes for you and your family.

Beka Castille said...


Vicki said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations!

decked out in ruffles

Sarah G said...

Such a beautiful little girl! Congratulations! <3

Megan V said...

She's so Gorgeous! Congratulations!

Leah K. Oxendine said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! She's so adorable!

Shannon Kline said...

Congratulations to all! She is truly beautiful. Love the photos of you two during labor...very much reminds me of my husband and i during our labors :-) your delivery sounds awesome. So glad it went so well--and so quickly! Enjoy your babymoon!

The Choll said...

Congratulations!! She's so pretty. You picked a wonderful, timeless name. I can't wait to see her in reenactment clothing!

Donna said...

What a beautiful baby, and so cutely chubby! It is wonderful your family could be there, seeing her held with such love is very heart warming. What a blessing your little Marian is.

Donna from Oregon

Elle Mental said...

Congratulations to both of you! She is a little beauty!

Boyer Family Singers said...

Huzzah! What a lovely baby girl! It is so amazing how quickly the bright went for you, and now you are both safe and healthy! Praise The Lord! I rejoice with you and Jordan, Atlanta, and will keep your sweet little family in my prayers.

God be praised and glorified!

In Christ,

The eldest sister and singer

Kristin said...

Congrats! :) She's beautiful, and I love her name.

Atlanta said...

Thank you all for the congratulations!! :) We are so happy to have Marian here! I'm already planning all sorts of historical outfits for her!

Patrizia, please feel free to repost!

Sarah said...

Congratulations!!! Marian is beautiful!!! So glad to hear that all went well.

May the LORD bless you and your beautiful family!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful baby. And it sounds like Mom did great!!! God bless you all.


Anonymous said...

So wonderful for you all, Atlanta! Grateful to hear the birth was so quick and all went well for you and baby. Enjoy being a momma. Now you know why your mom and I had so many! What fun!
Terry Covey and family

Kellie said...

I am so, so happy for you and your beautiful family! This post made me tear up a little:)
I absolutely love little Marian's name - two of my favorites.
Congratulations, prayers, and hugs!

Ivy Hern said...

Yay! Congratulations! I must say Marian looks a lot like Jordan, momma said the same thing!

I'm so happy, glad, and relived that the delivery was so smooth and quick, my sister (Dania) had to go through three days of it! It was very trying and nerve wracking....=)

I really enjoyed reading it all from your point of view, and like Lady E. said: its really fascinating, I've always loved reading birth stories!!! They are some of my favorite kind of books to read, midwife books ect...

I can't imagine how it must be to be a mother for the first time!
I'll just have to wait patiently I suppose!*smile*

I'm praying for your family!!

Your Sister In Christ,

Laurie said...

Congratlations on your beautiful daughter and wonderful birth. She liiks just like you! Love tha name too, beautiful classic name. Good luck on your new adventure as a new parent!


Nora Roisin said...

How about I just say 'Yayyy!'

Your story is going down in my books. ^.^

Rebecca said...

Congrats! Love the photos and she is beautiful!! So glad all is well with you and the little one! :D

Rachel Nicole said...

She's so very sweet, congratulations!! You do not know how many times I check your blog for a new post (even though I'm following it!) and with the baby coming sometime, I kept checking constantly. I read it only a few minutes after it was posted, but didn't get around to commenting until now. Again, congratulations! It must be so fun to finally meet your baby. I can't wait for all the posts about your beautiful Marian!

xo, rn

Donna said...

I saw in a previous blog posting prior to the baby being born you mention that the baby will be sleeping in your bed, not in a crib. Have you seen the anti co sleeping campaign which is against parents sleeping with babies because of the risk of suffocation? The campaign even does not want pillows, toys, bumper pads, anything in the crib with the baby. I hope you can bring up the information and reconsider. Many Blessing to a sweet family!


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