Monday, August 4, 2014

My Birthday at Rippavilla Plantation (Marian's First Historical Event)

On my birthday in July we attended an event at Rippavilla Plantation. It was Marian's first event in historical attire, so I was definitely very excited. Rippavilla was having a big fancy craft/antique sale on the front lawn, and they requested that some living history people attend to populate the house and grounds for the day to give visitors a more authentic experience. That was our role.

Here we are in the back courtyard.

Marian and I spent a good part of the day sewing with the other ladies in the sun-room.
Some of the time she played happily in her basket.

We also got to hear some wonderful period music.

 Marian was such a show-off that day, she wore herself out smiling at everyone. 
She finally fell asleep on Dad's shoulder, and then napped in her basket.

 Several people thought she was a doll at first.

 More pictures of the inside. It was a beautiful house! I wish I had gotten pictures of the upstairs.

 This is a new sheer dress I made for myself. Finished it the morning of the event, actually. lol. 
(Not the most ideal thing for your sanity.)

Some of the time we spent outside, admiring all the neat booths and antiques, 
and enjoying the shade of the front porch. Marian was quite the star attraction wherever we went.

Marian and Mommy in the rose garden

 We wondered our way home that afternoon via back-roads looking for old houses, it was quite a fun day!


The Darling Homemaker said...

You all look so beautiful. I enjoyed this post very much.


Desarae said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful day! Your new dress is beautiful, I love the print and sleeves especially. That little girl has the biggest smile!! She is so precious! I think this was nearly the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. :)

Lauren said...

How very lovely! I love your dress, and Marian looks adorable!

Loree said...

What a living doll, she is such a pretty baby. Historical events change as your children grow, so much more to do with a little one in tow.
We haven't been to any in a few years. At our last event our 5 year old dissapeared at an event. I was in full panic mode until she wandered back into camp with some older kids.
Now that she is 8 we may try it again but she will not get out of my sight.
Enjoy that sweet girl.

jessica said...

You all look great! Love her little dress :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a lovely way to spend your birthday! Your new dress is so pretty and I love Marian's dress. She is such a sweet baby and clearly enjoyed herself :)

Ruth Torrijos said...

Awwww she's so sweet, Atlanta! :) I love her little smile and her dress is so light and airy! Your sheer is beautiful, too! You and Jordan look so proud of her, and you have a right to be!


Esther said...

So, so pretty!!! And your baby is the cutest EVER. :-) I can relate to finishing at the last minute - that seems like all I ever do!
What pattern did you use, if any?

Sarah said...

What a beautiful and special way to spend your birthday! You are such a lovely family. Marian looked so sweet sleeping in the little basket. I recently found a similar basket at an antique store that I plan to use as a bassinet for my baby. Your dress and Marian's are lovely!!


Lady E. said...

Aw, how darling! What a fun way to celebrate together! I love when you post photos from your adventures. So neat!

Boyer Sisters said...

Your dress is lovely Atlanta! And Marian is such a doll!


the Middle Sister and Singer

E. Kaiser Writes said...

What a great experience, Atlanta!!!! You three are the perfect accompaniment to any historical event!!!! And Marian looks like such a doll, not surprising that some folks thought she was one! ;-)
She's a cutie! And looks so adorable in her garb. More mothers should dress their children like that! :-)

Kellie said...

Marian is an absolute doll, and her mommy is so lovely.
These pictures made me smile so much. What a fabulous outing!

OldFashionGirl said...

Oh Atlanta, such a great family outing! I love your sweet girl, what a blessing from God! I was wondering if you would do another post with a few more photos of your check dress?


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