Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Antique Victorian Shoes

Remember my recent trip to Oklahoma? Well, while there I visited the cutest little antique shop - and bought this super-adorable pair of victorian baby shoes.

The outer brown leather is still quite soft. They are stuffed with vintage newspapers and lined in brown-ish canvas.

The smooth leather soles are about 4.5" long. Little nails are visilbe in the heel.

Buttons up the side with black shoe buttons through the decorateive leather scallops.

And then, last year I bought this other pair of antique shoes:

About a women's size 7. Black leather, open at sides. Fastening method seems to be some type of attached leather band and buckle. Heel may have some type of hardened rubber tap. (?)

Aren't they both just the cutest??!
If anyone can give me any clue about the time period of either of these shoes, I would LOVE to know!!


Rebecca Jane said...

Eee! Those are absolutely precious!!! :)

Miss Heidi said...

Those baby shoes are aboslutely precious. Great find!

May I suggest that you remove the old newspapers and replace them with acid free tissue. The acid from the newspapers will eat away at the lining of the shoes.

Gail said...

Im guessing late Victorian to Edwardian on the adult shoes. I would call up an Victorian clothes expert and show them pics of the lady shoes.
Amazing find!!!


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