Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Edwardian Inspired Outfit

An Edwardian Anne-ish Miss Potter inspired outfit.

-White ruffled button down shirt
-Brown Linen Skirt
-Braided Leather belt
-Hair flower

I do love reading.....

Rebecca and I had quite a lovely time doing the photos!


B.K. said...

All lovely photos, that second to the last is particularly good, very nice composition.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

So pretty! I love your skirt and the flower in your hair is just perfect!=)

Ashley Nicole said...

Lovely outfit, Atlanta! I love your skirt and hair flower.


Fiddlin Girl said...

Great job!!! All the pictures are lovely! I love the outfit!! Do you have that pattern for the skirt?

Aha, so next time we come over, I am going to pose you to practice for my picture taking!

Love ya! Sarah

Heather said...

I love that skirt! It looks so elegant!

Atlanta said...


yes, I do have the pattern. It's that panel skirt that I talk about. Didn't I copy if off for you when ya'll were here last time?

FG said...

ha, I was rereading through comments. Yes, I guess this was hte skirt pattern you might have copied for us.. though I thought ours was just an eight gore.. did you copy us off two?? I can't remember. The edwardian style skirt you are wearing seems more full than the eight gore we got.. hmm.. I get so confused these days! lol!!


S.L. Gabriel said...

So cute. Lovely skirt, lovely pictures.


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