Thursday, September 30, 2010

Picking Pears

This morning we went to a neighbor's house to pick from her pear tree (after she had gotten all she wanted). There were soo many! The branches were almost bent double.

We met another area homeschool family and had the boys get on the ladders - though there were still tons of pears too high to reach!

We laid them all out on newspaper on our big table tonight. We'll wrap some individually in newspaper and store in the cellar to keep fresh, then I'm not sure what with the others. I've heard rumors of preserved pear halves, pear honey, pear mincemeat......hmmm. It all sounds good to me!
Does anyone have any favorite pear recipes to share?


Anna Olivia said...

How delightful! It reminds me of fun times picking apples each fall. =)

Rebecca Jane said...

wow. we were just gifted with pears too!

let me know what y'all do! :)

Catie Bielecki said...

Hi! Actually, Better Homes and Gardens has chosen pears as our Flavor of the Month, and we have lots of delicious recipes to use up your enormous harvest. Here's the link to our all-time favorite pear recipes:

Catie Bielecki
Digital Food Editor
Better Homes and Gardens

Atlanta said...

Catie - thank you so much for the link to those recipes! They look delicious!


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