Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet My Future Costumes....

To begin the festivities early - I'd like to introduce you to two of my future costumes

First - the golden ballgown from 'The Young Victoria'
With a few changes, wouldn't this make a smashing dress to wear at fancy 1860s dances?

The Victoria gown seems to be a semi-sheer with a faint stripe pattern.

For my dress, I plan to leave off the lace and make the puffed sleeves smaller.
Everything else the same - pleated yoke, velvet sash, pointed bodice.

I plan to use gold silk taffeta instead of a sheer.

Red paper roses for trimming....

2nd - 1880s Cotton Sateen Dress

This is a little unusual for me. I've never done a costume (and don't particularly like time period) of the 1870s and 80s. But - the moment I saw this dress, I knew it would make the perfect 'best' dress for a Texas pioneer girl. 

It's dainty, practical, and jaunty - all at the same time!

Notice the unusual gathering method on the yoke.

I love the ruffled underskirt peeking out!


I'd like to get a cotton that is similar to the one pictured...

A print from reproduction fabrics - not quite right, but getting close. 

So - do you have any 'wishful sewing' costumes?


Anna Olivia said...

How gorgeous! Can't wait to see them!!

Rowenna said...

I love both! I'd say one of my fantasy projects is a 1870s/80s gown, because I adore the era--I just have nowhere to wear it so other, more "useful" projects take precedence.

Stephanie Ann said...

I love the gold fabric! Both dresses are great! I can't believe you sew so many thing, it takes me forever to sew!


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