Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top 10 Movie Costumes - Guest Post

The Inspiration Costume Event is here! So very exciting. I cannot wait to see all of the inspired costumes everyone has created. Atlanta was kind enough to ask me to do a little post about something that makes my heart go flitter-flop…COSTUMES! So…I made a little list of my top ten favorite costumes/costume dramas for your perusal! They are organized by time period. Do enjoy!

1.Ever After:

Not only one of my favorite movies (I can quote it all…sad, but true), but full of beautiful dresses. One of my favorites is this one. The three piece sleeve (top, bottom, and undersleeve), the gold dress, and the underskirt…just makes me so very happy.

2.Pirates of the Caribbean:

Though I’m not a huge pirates fan, this costume continues to come back to me. A very lovely, yet intricate, piece. And, though we all know it could be a little higher (low necklines are truly unnecessary…especially on your wedding day)…I really love this dress.

3.The Duchess:

Again, not the best movie, but some yummy costumes! I love the random striped lining in this dress! Something you really wouldn’t see if she weren’t running…but a truly lovely added feature. This time period just makes me super blissful.

4.Marie Antoinette:

Though I, in no way, recommend the movie (as I have never truly seen it), this movie has some of the most incredible, drool worthy costumes. It would be impossible to pick my favorite. But here are a few to entice. You can go here to see pictures of all the costumes:

5.Bright Star:

Fanny, the heroine of bright star, is a seamstress/clothing designer. And so everything she wears is a little outlandish, but they are her designs. And I love how unique she desires to be. Besides that, I really can’t stand Fanny, but some of her clothes are quite drool worthy. My favorite being a red with white stripes jacket worn over a white with brown stripes dress. So cute!

6.Under the Greenwood Tree:

There are some loverly costumes in this movie, as well. One of my favorites is worn to a party by Fancy Day. There’s enough tucking and flouncing and pleating to satisfy even the most extravagant woman.

7.The Young Victoria:

 This whole movie truly belongs in the top ten list. Each and every one of the costumes are gorgeous. My favorite color is yellow…so my two absolute favorites are…surprise, surprise, the yellow ones!

8.The Buccaneers:

I’ve never actually seen this movie…but I saw some screencaps from it the other day and just fell in love! Bustles have never looked quite so lovely!! I’m quite taken with the white sheer and golden sash dress. Going down in my list of “to make”.

9.Daniel Deronda:

A person would have to be crazy to not see how very lovely these costumes are. So bright and colorful! Especially the orange bustle with blue skirt. Yum!

10.My Fair Lady:

And, finally, t’would be hard to forget that black and white “ascot gavotte” dress of Audrey Hepburn’s. The white lace. The black and white striped LARGE bows. And her huge hat with the big plumes. All make it a costume to go down in our list of most beautiful costumes.

Thank you so much Atlanta for creating this exciting event and asking me to be a part of it! And I hope you enjoyed my top ten favorite costumes list! Do you have any favorites that weren’t on this list?



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Sarah said...

I loved all the pics, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing!

I do not reccomend the Bucaneers... My mom, sister, and I started watching it and stopped it barely a half hour into it because of some inappropriate stuff. So, I don't know if it got better and could perhaps be a good movie with some editing, but I doubt it. :(

Don't you *sometimes* wish we could live back then with all those dresses!! But then, some modern things are really nice (doctors, medicine, etc..) In fact, I wouldn't be alive if I had lived back then and my mother had the same complications.. so, maybe not so grand after all!! :) lol!!

Thanks again for sharing!
In Christ,

PS I have visited your blog a couple of times and really like it!

Rosie said...

What a nice post Rebecca!
And you are right, all those costumes are SO lovely......I wish I could sew all of them :)

Alexandra said...

What a great list! Such awesome dresses!

I'd probably have to pick Marie Antoinette as having the most gorgeous costumes ever (even though I haven't seen it) followed probably by POTO. Costume dramas are so amazing. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I saw #1, because I actually tried to replicate that dress at one time! Definitely good picks. :)

Rowenna said...

Awesome post! I confess I've watched movies for the friends and I watched Marie Antionette last weekend for the clothing alone! I left The Duchess whispering to my husband, "I need to make more clothes!!" I loved the clothing in that movie--amazing job done by the designer of changing the fashions with the timeline.

A note on the Pirates neckline--though most necklines were low in the eighteenth century, the addition of a nice kercheif at the neck would have been appropriate--and a lovely accessory! (That's how I deal with the cut of eighteenth-century clothes and stay, erm, covered.)

Charity U said...

All those dresses are so cool...(-: And I completely agree about how even wedding dresses don't need to be immodest...unfortunately, our culture now-adays often seems to think otherewise. )-:

Marie Antoinette...she had such cool costumes! I have a paper doll set of her, and the dresses are amazing, though low cut.

And the My Fair Lady dress is one of my favorites. I love the music in that scene. (-:


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