Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pears, pears, pears.....

We finally got our huge tablefull of pears all put away. It was quite a job, and stretched out over the whole week.
Some of the pears we canned plain ready to be put into pies, etc:

Halving and coring


Slices sitting in a solution of water and ascorbic acid (vitamin C powder) to keep them from browning

Jars packed and waiting for lids. Next we will pour a hot solution of water, sugar, and spices into the jars, then they go into the canner for 10 minutes of pressure.

Finished! Canned pear slices in a light syurp.

Out of  16  jars, only one didn't seal. So - we made a cobbler that night to try them out. It was yummy! Looking forward to lots of pear desserts this winter...

Next I'll share a recipe for pear mincemeat......


Kay said...

I know how you feel me and my family canned apples, and were at it realy)

Kellie said...

Lovely pictures! My family recently canned, dried, and otherwise disposed of a bin (1,000 pounds) of pears. . . It was a major event=)
Isn't pear cobbler simply scrumptious?

Stephanie Ann said...

Yum! What other things do you use them for other than pies?

Abby said...

Oooh... those look yummy! I didn't know pears browned. I guess they're sort of like apples. Have you canned anything else this season?

Abby :D

Atlanta said...

Stephanie, hm - well, the canned pears we mostly just use for pies and cobblers. Not sure if we actually do anything else with them, lol!

Abby - goodness! yes - we've canned green beans, plum jelly, peach jelly, apricot preserves, apples/apple jelly, and some deer meat.


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