Monday, October 11, 2010

Finalists! - Historical Costume Inspiration Festival

It is here! Time to announce the finalists of the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival!

First - let me say that I had a very difficult time choosing the finalists!
 Every entry was so beautiful - each one deserved to win!
Thank you so much for making this event so wonderful with all the delightful entries!
I am very inspired. How about you??

Please take the time to click on each link to read the full story and see all the pictures before you vote on your favorite. (polls will be found in the left hand sidebar)

Now - the finalists (in no particular order)......

Best Reproductions:

1. The Wire Royals

The amount of work that must go into each of these pieces is breathtaking! I was awed by the closeness of the reproductions to the originals. So beautiful and royal - yet not overdone or gaudy. Absolutely lovely!

The attention to detail in the dress is truly impressive! The hand sewing - the careful placement of the diamond fabric pattern to replicate the moive - sleeve bands, back fastening, - just everything so meticulous and beautifully done! A gorgeous reproduction!

Such a magical dress, and such a good representation of the original! I love how it looks all white from a distance, then when viewing the details one sees beautiful shades of sliver, gold, peach and blue. I think miniature reproductions must be harder than full size - such tiny detail work!

Aren't those skirt poufs and ruchings just scrumptious? This is such an elegant dress, and follows the original inspiration so closely! What a beautiful piece.

Most Creative:

This is just the most adorable thing! I love how they have taken very sketchy inspiration from animated princess movies, and then actually created a practical, versatile, and flattering garment to wear for both costume and everyday!

You can't get much more creative than this! It's so neat how she used recycled items to create the darling accessories - and of course the dress itself is too cute for words!

3. Mandie's Sailor Blouse

It's great how this seamstress took something as obscure as a book cover and did such a lovely inspiration piece! It looks so comfy and fun to wear!

I just love how the different sleeve treatments and bodice fastenings completely transform this regal ensemble to three distinct looks. Very creative - and a great thrifty use of a beautiful dress!

Best Photo Shoot:

1. The Retro Sailor Dress

What could be better than a delightful vintage dress in soft sepia photos? All the accessories are pefect to complete the period look! Altogether lovely.

2. Bella Wilfer Dress

Each one of these photos is a gem! The romantic country settings are the perfect compliment to the elegant yet fun blue Victorian dress! I love the pleated ruffle accents!

Some lovely Maria inspiration! The back lacing on the bodice is so pretty, and the majestic hills and perfect lighting make for a very nice photo shoot!

A classic, lovely blouse and  beautiful photographs! The sunshine glowing around the snow-white blouse and the pretty blond hair remind me very much of some scenes from the 'Anne books!' I love the sepia tones, too!

Well - there you have it! Please go vote for your favorite in each poll on the sidebar.
Polls will close next Saturday!

I had so much fun this week, and I hope you did too! Should we do it again next year??


Nina said...

As I said in another comment, this whole festival just blew me away! I'm going to have to practice because I hope to participate in an event next year! ^_^

Anna Olivia said...

Oh, AMAZING! Wow. =D

Anonymous said...

They are all lovely--though I must admit that some of my favorites never made it to the finals.
I have never been that accomplished as a seamstress, so I am living vicariously through the rest of you. :-D

Rose West said...

Such beautiful selections! I love making costumes, and these are very inspiring.

I am so glad I stumbled on your blog! I've already spent a good deal of time on here checking out all the great period outfits. I love it!

Kronmakaren said...

So fun to be in this festival online. I think it is a genious idea to keep it international and online, so easy to join and to meet across countries.

What a possibility it has been to share ideas, projects and interest with people all around. For me, as new to this fenomenon, it has been a great experience and it has been really fun to see all others and be able to follow you all in you blogs. Thank you for hosting Atlanta and please do it again :-)

Chip said...

How wonderful!! There were so many great entries I can't even imagine how hard it was to choose finalists. Thanks for hosting this. . . it was SO much FUN!

Cathy Raymond said...

Yes, if you're willing to go to the effort, it would be wonderful to do this again next year! I really enjoyed it.

Melanie said...

I second, triple, and quadruple the vote for doing this next year. :-) This was, without a doubt, the funnest online event I've participated in. Loved it!
~Melanie/a.k.a. Elinor Dashwood from "The Dashwood Sisters" blog

Martha Joy said...

Everyone did a wonderful job! Thanks for putting this on Miss Atlanta...I really enjoyed seeing the entries! ;)
Blessings to y'all,
Martha Joy

Bisceglia Family said...

What a neat blog and contest! I want to enter next time. :) Great job everyone, there is some wonderful work represented here.
Janna (the SecondRose)


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