Thursday, February 3, 2011

Interview with Elizabeth and Abigail

Sisters Elizabeth and Abigail were the winners of the 'Most Creative' category in the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival, so please welcome them for our second interview.

Please indroduce yourself with a brief bio.

E; I'm the middle one of five, with only one brother, (next up from me,) in a very creatively talented family, so we were always up to something, either making or plotting it. There were always lots of ideas floating around at our house!

How/why did you first begin sewing?

E; My mom and older sister were always sewing things, and so it was only natural that I would want to get in on the act. I kept asking Mom for something to sew, until she relented.

What was your first-ever project?

E; I hand-sewed a two peiced duck out of dark blue calico, with little red flowers on it. I was five and Mom didn't want me on the sewing machine. I'm not sure she thought I'd actually finish it... But I did, and gave it as a surprise to my younger sister, who was pleased with it dispite it's deformities.

Where do you go when you need inspiration?

E; Ha! I rarely have a problem with that. I've got a 'too-many-projects-in-my-head' condition. Books, art, and movies are always feeding my imagination...

Do you have a favorite historical time period?

E; I do love the pre-industrial eras... Rennaisance, Medeival, even Ancient styles interest me, though I have not done anything from there yet!

Favorite fabrics?

E; Definately the Naturals... the most common of course being cotton, but I have worked with wool and do like it lots... Silk is harder to handle, but very beautiful as a finished garment. Linen and hemp fabric are also very much a favorite, and their long wearing is highly attractive, but they are rare-ish here so I haven't done any sewing with straight fabric. (So we've only purchased these fabrics already as garments, second hand.) I know the fabric can be gotten, but the price is prohibitive. I do want to get some, though, and have several projects in mind, but... First to finish the projects that we already have the fabric for! And...that... might take a while.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests?

E; Writing, drawing, painting, gardening, goat keeping. (Though on the farm those last two aren't really hobby-ish!) I love animals, and so working with them is always fun. We also love critiqueing movies, especially period ones, (they have so much nicer costumes). I have noticed I really love 'costume dramas' filmed in the 50's. The sets and wardrobes are amazing, and the color is unbeatable! {In Technicolor!}

What would be your ultimate sewing project?

E; Ooooo. That's a hard one. I guess something truely extravagant, which would mean a dress, (probably a set of them, actually! One for each of us girls!) With oodles of embellishments, such as pearls, metalic lace, and ruffles!

Or a horse costume, like the knights had. Fitted to the horse really well, and gorgeous. That would be a pretty big order.

[Could you define "ultimate"?]

Where do you hope your sewing will take you in the future?

E; I certainly hope it will keep me always able to have the clothes that I'd like to have, no matter what other people are offering. That's an easy one. Other than that... the options are open! A line of historicly inspired clothing, that actually fits, would be terrific. Of course costume design for film or theater productions would be fabulously fun... but who knows?


Jennifer P. said...

Congratulations to the winners! By the way, I LOVED seeing the picture of the sewing machine. It's almost identical to my mom's!

Kellie said...

I absolutely LOVED your costume in the festival, girls! I was quite inspired by it - as were my Mother and sisters=)
A suit of complete horse armor is a wonderful idea, as well - what a fun project!
Thanks for sharing a little bit about your life!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Altanta, you made that look great! Nice job!
Thanks, Jennifer! I too love that machine. It sews so beautifully! It technically belongs to Abigail, but I love using it. It's my favorite machine in the house. I am thinking of keeping an eye out for one of my own, if not that exact model, then one very near there.
Thanks so much, Kellie! We are flattered! I LOVE your cute design, that is totally adorable. I am seriously thinking I need to make something similar... Oh, no! Get sewing-and-design enthusiasts together and you create a monster, I think! ;-)
Have a great day!


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