Monday, February 21, 2011

Retro Themed Homeschool Dance Part 1

Last weekend we had a simply wonderful 40s-50s themed dance!  Part one will be about our retro costumes, and part two will be the actual pictures from the dance.

The dance didn't start until 5:30, but we girls started getting ready at 1pm! We barely got done in time - in fact, I was so rushed that I forgot my earrings. lol. But - our hairstyles turned out nicely thanks to the flax seed lotion and lots of hairspray and bobby pins! :^)

The less-than-glamourous trio with their pin curls up before bedtime. (but it will be worth it!)

Aspen's lovely pin curls

My pin curls...I cut my hair last week so they really  made my hair seem short. yikes!

Aspen wore a vintage 50s dress that I picked up at an estate sale for $5. I thought the color and fit were perfect for her age. It's almost sailor-themed, and it has these cute little rhinestones all about the neckline. I love the swingy, pleated skirt!

Her hair was parted on the side a combed back into a slight poof. All the curls where then gathered up and pinned on top, and decorated with paper roses.

Carolina wore a blouse made from a vintage 40s pattern, and her pink circle skirt I made last year with a black velvet belt, white tights, and black leather slippers.

Her curls were simply gathered back into two clips.

The guys trying to figure out how to tie a tye....

Laredo did a German military outfit and Cim did American AF. Here they are with two other brothers who also did the same. Don't they look handsome?

You can read more about my outfit and hairstyle here.

Mom and Dad. Mom wore a green vintage 50s dress, accented with a rhinestone pin, and yellow leather heels. Dad did a 50s cowboy look.

the whole family!

Stockton did a semi-casual military look with a tea-dyed shirt, khaki pants and a black tye and military insignia.

...up next - the dance!


Melody said...

That looks very fun!! I'm looking forward to the photos from the dance. :-)

Megan said...

Looks like fun!

Love the hair, so sweet and curly! :)


Stephanie Ann said...

You guys look great. I love your curls. My hair would never do that!

IamHisWeiss said...

Your family is truly beautiful in every way.

Sarah said...

Oh, it looks like y'all had a ball! :D

PrincessR said...

Too cute! The outfits looked so awesome. :) You guys did a great job. I am really looking forward to seeing some dancing pictures!
Love you guys!

Rowenna said...

Love the hair and all the dresses--and the gents look quite dapper in their uniforms! I'm convinced nothing looks quite as handsome as WWII Air Corps uniforms (but then again, that's what my husband wore on our first I'm biased).

Sereina said...

You all look lovely! Your dresses are so pretty. Sounds like lots of fun!

Miss Rachel said...

Oh wow! You all look great! :) I could swear that the boys (and especially the one in the German outfit) look like they stepped out of a WWII photo! Awesome job, guys! :) It's always fun when brothers dress up too! :) ~Rachel

Gabrielle Renee said...

I love Carolina's outfit!! I think those uniforms look familiar.... ;) I like Stockton's military look. It does look very WWII. Your parents look wonderful together!! Y'all are just perfect!



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