Thursday, June 23, 2011

40s Inspired Summer Dress

Bright yellow 40s inspired summer dress!
Made eariler this spring to attend a play and do some swing dancing. Also pictured is my sweet and lovely friend, Des! :) Who looks adorable in her pink, green, and white ensemble!

Fabric is a lightweight rayon shirting in a sunny yellow, white and lime green daisy print.
Scoop neckline, sleeveless, buttons down front and has a self fabric tie belt.
So comfy and cool!

The bodice was from this 1940s pattern:

Sans sleeves, and with gathering on the bodice instead of darts.

and the skirt from this c. 1940 pattern:
This is also the pattern I used for my green 40s dress.

Fun times! :)


Lilac Bud Gal said...

Aw, how sweet!! I really wish I had a 'summer wardrobe'... it just makes you feel more into the mood of the weather! :)

Hi nice to 'see' Des again! (for me..). She looks wonderful! Say hi to her for me, will ya??

Love ya and I hope we can see y'all sometime soon!!

Riah said...

Ohhh! Thanks! 1940's! I love it! I'm actually going to be wearing a 40's(ish) inspired bolero jacket with my wedding dress!

Papillon Bleu said...

Atlanta, I am so sorry, I've just realized I haven't replied to your last message ( bad , bad me...) .

I had to say that I am incredibly impressed by your fashion expertize and I truly wanted to thank you for taking the time to share the wonderful links about the bonnets .

I hope that one day, you can design a dress for me. I like 1940s and 1950 as I think women were still so feminine then.
Your photos are gorgeous.

Dulantha said...

Quite feminine....

Feminine women and girls are always attractive.

Gender specifications are very important in any stage of the history.


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